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Why is my tummy fat?

Tummy weight gain

A flat tummy is hard to achieve if you can’t stop gaining weight. Britain has highest obese rate, which can leads to many other health conditions. The fat around the skin, termed visceral fat, is seriously harmful to your health. Heart disease, diabetes, depression are only some of the disorders.. Losing the battle against food leading to obesity mean you can lose your confidence.
When things get out of hand and time runs out, it could turn into risky weight loss surgery reducing the stomach to the size of an egg. The general consensus is that obesity is self-inflicted condition. For super morbidly obese patients, this can be a life changing procedure.

Psychological and emotional factors

Strong Feelings can provoke eating in excess as you may feel Food takes the pain away and comforts you in some way. It may take you back to your childhood.
Look out for eating when you are feeling

  • Stressful
  • Angry
  • Bored

Addiction to food, yearning for food can mean there is a lack in another area of your life, and yearning a feeling of comport, love or happiness.


BIG POTIONS – monitor your calorie intake for a period of time to help you come to terms with how much you are eating.
Battling with weight gain cam mean loss of mobility meaning it’s harder to exercise frequently and at a high intensity.


Weight gain from eating excess food can put undue pressure on joints and make exercise difficult. But exercise is the healthy way to expel the excess fat.
Rest is also important, Sleep is important for many aspects of health, including your weight.