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What is Wall Ball?

Introduction to Wall Ball

Wallball, recognised as Irish / American handball. Or in the UK, a version of ‘wallball’ called Fives (Eton or Rugby). Players strike a small rubber ball against a wall using only their hands. The three versions are four-wall, three-wall and one-wall.

1 Wall Ball

The United States Wall Ball Association Inc. and Wall Ball World LLC are specific to the version played on one-wall. 1-wall is an incredibly accessible and inclusive sport and can engage in recreation anyplace, anytime. All you need is a wall, a ball and simple floor markings. Everyone can play Wallball competitively. The game is easy to play, basics are easy to comprehend and rules are easy to understand.

1-Wall wallball is a marvellous sport, is easy to set-up and incredibly good fun to play.


A 1-Wall court, marked by taping the lines. Starts with the server inside the court, in the server zone. The opponent stands outside the servers zone. Decide who will start the game by flipping a coin.


The game starts when a player serves the ball. By striking the ball directly at the wall, the ball’s first bounce must land back within the server zone. Hit and returned by the opposition against the wall. Played in the lines, it must simply hit the wall and then land in the court.
Allow the next player to receive the ball. As a receiving player, allow the ball to bounce once after it has hit the wall and then return it.


Return Ball

Return the ball by hitting it with your hand and letting it reach the wall directly, without bouncing on the ground. Keep going to catch out your opponent, make it touch the ground twice before they can react. On the wall, there is no minimum height line to hit the ball above. So you can play very low, or way up high.



Play until the ball is out. The aim is to hit the ball onto the wall hard and make it bounce within the court. When it bounces on a boundary line or outside of the boundaries completely, hits the ground before it hits the wall, bounces twice before a player is able to return it, or if a receiving player doesn’t let the ball bounce after it has hit the wall.


Depending on the rules, players may use their own tactics to score points in a variety of ways. Common ways to play:

  • ultimate “kill shot” to hit the nick where the wall meets the floor causing the ball to roll.
  • volley and put a spin on the ball, whilst moving their opponent around the court to take control of each point.

Looking to be the server. The server has an advantage as she knows where the ball will go next. If you have good aim and timing you will be able to continue your turn as the server as you get other players out.

Reaction speed and fitness are important to stay in the game. Wall ball is ultimately a friendly, competitive and welcoming events where you play to win the final prize – the golden glove.

UK Wall Ball Open 2019

Women’s Open Singles Final


Hendrieke van der Schoot (Netherlands) Vs. Terry Pi (United States)