Wearable Technology

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Wearable technology today comes in the shape of stylish smartwatches, equipped with heart rate monitors. Wearable technology is a new great way to track your exercise (steps per day), record your vital signs (heart rate) and tell the time (day or night).  Wearable technology can give you interesting feedback, using the data collected. You’ll be amazed how many steps you take everyday.

Fitness Trackers

The first millennia piece of wearable technology was the Fitbit tracker released in 2009. Fitness Trackers started the recording movement, steps and estimated calories burned with that info.


There is a range of watches on the market today. Watches are a convenience because they slip onto your wrist and collect the data automatically. They even track your sleep patterns. Heart rate monitors, in particular, can also give you well-needed stats. From the moment you wake up, it will tell you your rest heart rate (RHR). You can indicate how hard you’re actually working by looking at the training specific heart rate zone.


Smarter: Watch and Phone Combo

But there’s an app for that. You could also combine the two and get them both working harder for you via Bluetooth.

Yes, you can link your smartphone to your smartwatch via Bluetooth and they can do everything together.

Smartphones can do literally everything nowadays. They are bigger than watches but be are packed with more.

Download all the fitness apps on it. Use it as your stopwatch, timer. Record yourself doing the exercise. Track your meals on it. Listen to your favourite pump up workout music. Put a hard protective cover on it.

So really, the best way to use technology to keep fit is to have your smartwatch linked to your smartphone to keep on top of your fitness goals.

Brilliant Idea.

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