Warm-Up: 7 Tips for Exercise Preparation

Starting an immense weight lifting session but you’re not in the zone yet, try a focused warm-up?


Fitness Warm-up Advice for Weight Training in London

Where do you start? What do you do first? Reach up to the sky and hope energy from above will come into your arms? Flex your muscles in the mirror for motivation? Touch your toes and bounce until you’ve decided which weight you’re going to try and lift first? Run on-the-spot until you’ve decided which exercise you will do first?

Warm-Up Advice for Beginners

Skimping on your warmup can put you behind if you contract an injury during your session. Most people encounter an injury during the first 15 minutes of the session due to not having a proper good old fashion warm up.

You may be unclear on how to get your whole body and target muscles ready for lifting heavy weights to achieve maximum muscle growth, without getting too tired, and really target the muscle you want to train.

Here you’ll learn why you should warm up before exercise, the best way to warm up for weightlifting, and whether cardio, stretching or something else is best.

7 Real Tips for Warming up with Weights

  1. Start light, but not too light. When lifting weights you can use a specific calculation to find the correct weights to use during the training.
  2. Mental focus. Clearing your head during the warm-up allows you to focus. Start to hype yourself up for the hard work that will occur very soon in your weight training session.
  3. Be specific –The main focus of your workout is to train a muscle, so know which muscle you will train before you enter the gym, prepare the muscle and joints around the muscle. For example, if you are weight training the bicep muscles in the arms, avoid starting with jogging. Jogging warms up your legs, so you would not waste energy on jogging. If you’re serious about training your bicep muscle in your arms, do a general arm warm up with the rowing machine. So when warming up, prepare that specific muscle.
  4. Remember why your warming-up. Let your body do the internal preparation. Dilation of blood vessels. As your blood vessels dilate or get wider in diameter, your heart has an easier job of delivering oxygenated blood to the working muscles. In addition, oxygen in the warm blood becomes more readily available to muscle tissue. Hormone production. As you warm-up, your body begins producing hormones like epinephrine, endorphins, growth hormone and testosterone, all of which increase the energy available for your workout.
  5. Increase temperature. You can guess this one by the name “warm-up”. When you bend cold plastic, it can snap. The same is true of muscle. By warming your muscle tissue, you increase muscle elasticity and range of motion, and you also allow your muscle to contract more efficiently while reducing the risk of muscle-strains and muscle-pulls.
  6. Better cooling. Now that your body is warm, like the air conditioning in your office, it works more efficiently when the room is warmed up. When you break a sweat during your pre-workout warm-up, you’ve successfully activated your built-in cooling system.
  7. Set a time – most good warm-ups only last 5- 10 minutes. Any longer will use up vital energy stores needed for hardcore weightlifting and serious muscle building.

Common Mistakes

1. Static Stretching

The mistake most beginner-lifters make when warming up is static stretching – holding in a stretch position for 5, 10 or 20 seconds, can actually inhibit the amount of force that a muscle can produce and limit your physical performance in weightlifting activity. And further data has shown that static stretching does not reduce your risk of injury, the primary reasons that you may do static stretching before exercise.

2. Not Warming up the right muscle groups

The shoulder muscles are particularly susceptible to injury when they are weak and imbalanced.

3. Not taking warming up seriously or not at all

Rushing through your warm up or not understanding why you’re actually doing it in the first place. These are some reasons why you may rush it.

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