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Top Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Living: Are You Looking For A Lifestyle Change?

Make it a healthy change. You can benefit from an improved mood, happier days, quiet nights, healthier body, taking caring of yourself, waking up happy.


Flip Your Diet

If you are relying heavily on processed foods, try to edge away from convenience foods in your diet, such as: breakfast cereals, savoury snacks, cheeses, and meat products. Flip this, so you are eating mostly fresh food.

Eat Fresh

Your aim is to eat a varied diet, so try to eat fresh with foods such as: prepared salad, fruit, green tea, salmon, nuts and seeds. Look for healthy recipes that include your favourite foods. For example, if you like waffles, top them with plenty of fruit.

Stop Smoking

If you think smoking is cool, think again, it’s a silent killer. It’s banned from doing in indoor public places. So, stub it out before it finally exterminates you.

Start Exercising

Figure out what you like doing. Try different things. Walking, jogging or thrashing it out with a personal trainer. If your time is limited and you find it hard to plan, prepare and execute workouts; you can hire a personal trainer to do the hard work for you. Get outside, sun and fresh does the body good.

Stay Hydrated

Chronic dehydration can cause a dry mouth, upset mineral balance, tiredness, light-headedness. So drink up, spice your water with mint, lemon, or sage.

Write to Your Journal

Keep a log of all the healthy things you did during the day. This way you can add them up at the end of the week. This will keep you motivated to go longer. And you can show you loved ones the difference you’re making in your life. This may cause a positive effect, or they may support you.