Personal Training

The Squat Movement

The goal of the squat exercise is to develop lower-body strength to build muscle or lose weight. Is the squat one of the most popular, practical and established lower-body exercises worldwide in the gym today? It can be one of the most difficult exercises to do correctly, except if you actually know what you’re doing. Every day, as a personal trainer in Kensington, I see people doing squats and estimate that 90% of gym goers do them incorrectly.
The optimal squat technique is:
• a wide stance (shoulder width +) with natural foot placing,
• unrestricted movement of the knees,
• full-depth while the curve of the lumbar spine is sustained
• forward or upward gaze.
Personal Trainers should cue you to, “sit back into the squat,” as a way to teach proper squatting technique.
The squat movement accomplishes various tasks associated with activities of daily living, sitting on our office chairs, jumping up, reaching down or sliding into our cars from the side.