‘Tech Neck’ Can Turn Your Good Posture into Bad Posture

Ever found yourself trying to force your body into a ‘perfect’ posture? Your body is now in perfect alignment and your spine can maintain its natural curvature, unstrained, right? Just so you know, a good posture always starts from the centre of the body. Good posture is affected by and affects your breathing, whereby there’s more capacity inside your chest for your lungs in a good open posture. You see, what actually happens is that when your lungs don’t have enough space, it affects your breathing and when your posture is good, your back is straight, and there is no pressure on your bones and ribs which then it is but very obvious that you will be able to breathe easily. Our affordable personal training package retrains your body to assume the correct posture. You might remember your parents telling you to “stop slouching” and “sit up straight!”. Well, we don’t do that, we activate the muscles that have weakened over time from neglect. Bad posture can be dangerous and can give you back problems. Having a bad posture means increased body pain especially in the bones and joints and muscle groups feel the strain. Most of the people complaining about lower back pain and some even suffer from which again is a result of a bad posture. When your body isn’t aligned properly, it starts putting pressure on your lower back and all the other joints in your body. On the other hand, properly aligned body or in other words a body with a good posture puts no stress on shoulders and places like the lower back which ultimately results in decreased body pain.

Research has shown that time spent sitting at a desk has a positive correlation with the strength of lower back pain and neck-shoulder pain. Awkwardly, back and neck misalignment can be caused by spending a lengthy time sitting at a desk. You have probably heard the claim that bad posture causes back pain, or that you should try to improve your posture while sitting at work to avoid lower back pain. New research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has revealed that our posture while at work has been highlighted as the biggest culprit. So you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some movements that you can take to maintain a good posture when you’re at work. Even if you’re not experiencing problems now, improving your posture is something that you should consider to prevent issues from arising in the future.
When you are sitting down for a prolonged period, what should you be doing? Place both of your feet firmly on the floor and sit back resting against your seat so that your feet do not dangle. Try and sit back in the chair with a neural spine and head. Offer your back some support with shoulders relaxed. If you head is tilted forward, the weight on the spine puts pressure on the spinal cords, causing back discomfort and neck pain also now referred to as ‘tech neck’.

Improve Your Mood with Good Posture

Sleeping, sitting, standing in a slumped posture is one of the first visual signs of a bad mood. You feel comfortable in that position and even when you are meditating you will attain the same position thinking it is correct. You’ll still be thinking negatively because of the slumped posture. We don’t want you to miss out on having a good posture and a happy future. Good posture has been linked to higher self-esteem, more social engagement and less anxiety. People overlook the importance of a good posture, slouching may possibly be the reason behind peoples afternoon headaches.. An overly-curved back, tilted head and hunched shoulders – affects your mood by reducing the amount of oxygen you’re breathing in. So, posture can have a knock-on effect on your mental health.

How to Improve Bad Posture

The best thing you can do is some daily posture exercises with your personal trainer. Core strength exercises reduce back pain. Your core muscles are essential to support your posture, so the more you can work them, the better your posture will be. Excessive watching or texting on mobile-phones for a long time which can lead to stress injuries and pain in the neck and lower-back severe shoulder pain.
These are some of the main benefits of a good posture – your body looks slimmer, smarter and aligned. A healthy body means a good posture and we don’t want you to miss out on this. The bottom line is that good body posture is considered very important.