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    A Few Tips to Add to Your Gym Workout

    Well done! You’ve made it to the gym. Now what? What are the most effective exercise for each body part? You don’t want to be here too long. Or doing the wrong thing. Every gym comes complete with a personal trainer that’s committed to showing you how to perform every exercise correctly. Upper Body You can use your own body weight to do press-ups. You can use the battle ropes. You can do pull-ups. Abdominals and Core Muscles Plank variations – core muscle firing patterns depend on the trunk and pelvic positions during these poses. The high plank, low plank, a side plank and downward facing dog poses are effective…

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    Fat and Weight Loss

    We all want a flat tummy. No surprise there. Fat in Diet Most foods contain several different kinds of fat, and some are better for your health than others. You don’t need to completely eliminate all fat from your diet. In fact, some fats actually help promote good health. But it’s wise to choose the healthier types of dietary fat and then enjoy them — in moderation. It’s easy to overeat fat and sugar because they are the main ingredient in so many foods that are appetising when we have hungry cravings: french fries, processed foods, cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, thick steaks, and cheese. We’re bombarded with supposedly guilt-free…

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    Weight Loss: Complicated?

    Weight loss is on everybody’s mind at the moment. This is because it’s important for our health to control our waist line. Food can be really really tempting sometimes, and we do tend cave in to cravings easily. But, you can burn these excess calories off with your personal trainer easily too in a high intensity interval training session (HIITS). That’s the thing people say they don’t have time for. The reason your brain is telling you there’s no time for exercise is because it’s trying to conserve calories. You probably ate too many empty calories. And you probably didn’t eat enough good food so you’re maybe feeling guilty and…

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    Boost your Energy with a Personal Trainer

    Ready to work out in Acton? Delegate the hard work of creating fitness routines, motivating yourself, and creating diet plan.   A personal trainer in Acton will be a sensible arrangement and a considerable measure of top to bottom sessions will encourage astounding results. Motivation to Get There Discovering the right Personal Trainer in Acton will uplift your well being and energy. Getting supervised practice is normally straightforward once you are thinking of it for the long run. We keep an eye on your form and posture. You think you can’t go any more? You will be advised to “hold for another minute” or do “10 more reps.” You do…

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    Apples for Weight Loss

    Apples are an English Delight In England, apple rambling is looking for the perfect sized apple. We love to gather crisp apples and chomp them. Fresh off the bushy tree in our London garden. Yet, apples are so ordinary that they’re almost disregarded, brushed off, for glitzier superfruits, such as blueberries and pomegranates. The importance of eating apples for weight loss. Apples are low in fat, calories and sodium. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre which are so helpful for a person trying to lose weight successfully. The fibre contained in apples expands in the stomach and fills you up without the extra calories. For exercise, the vitamins…

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    Motivation to Get Back in Shape – Weight Loss

    As you become comfortable in lifestyle situations, you become less motivated to grow and be challenged. Repetition dominates, and passion dwindles. You have to make a decision, and decide it is time for a change. Weight Loss, it used to be so easy. Losing weight, now it’s a challenge, isn’t it? You will need motivation along the way. • Aching body • suffer from burnout • lost all enthusiasm and passion for training • You will want to give up • And you may even think you’ve failed at times Remind yourself of why you need motivation to lose weight. There are hundreds of reasons why people want to start…