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    A Few Tips to Add to Your Gym Workout

    Well done! You’ve made it to the gym. Now what? What are the most effective exercise for each body part? You don’t want to be here too long. Or doing the wrong thing. Every gym comes complete with a personal trainer that’s committed to showing you how to perform every exercise correctly. Upper Body You can use your own body weight to do press-ups. You can use the battle ropes. You can do pull-ups. Abdominals and Core Muscles Plank variations – core muscle firing patterns depend on the trunk and pelvic positions during these poses. The high plank, low plank, a side plank and downward facing dog poses are effective…

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    4 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

    What benefit am I going to get from a personal training program? A personal trainer’s job is to get you feeling good and happy with yourself. You are here, showing us that you are probably thinking about the benefits of a personal trainer and what we can offer you. But, what do you think you need help with? Improving your fitness levels; losing a few inches from your waistline; improving your general health; or even training for a marathon? Having a personal trainer to support you, having someone there to help you train, having someone to motivate you can be quite astounding. The benefits over the long term are colossal.…

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    Exercise: Fight & Beat Stressful Situations

    EXERCISE: Can Help Control Stress Individuals who complete daily exercise with their personal trainer will let you know they feel better as a direct result. Some will say this is on the grounds that happy brain chemicals invigorate their mind and body. Feeling good can bring about a noticeable improvement in a person’s attitude to life and help to relieve daily stress. There are four courses in which practice controls stress: Exercise training can help you feel less restless to help treat anxious pressure. Emulating a session of activity, clinicians have measured a reduction in electrical movement of tensed muscles. Individuals are frequently less anxious and hyperactive after a physical activity session lead by…