7 Things Highly Successful People Do Before 9AM for Productivity

There is power & productivity in your first moments of dawn

The hour of power & productivity, could the most tranquil and productive time in your day. Discover a new natural beauty through starting your day in a healthy setting in your morning.  Great accomplishment comes from the early morning start, stemming from the healthy person you become. Change your routine, change your day and change your whole life direction to a positive one.

“Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.”

1. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Fueling your body with the right composition of protein, carbohydrates and fat is essential to being able to tackle a day in the life of a highly successful person. With that being said, if you are an early riser you may not be as hungry. You may be a coffee drinker and that’s fine. With energy being released throughout the body from the moment you wake up, the fire inside you will start burning. The last thing you want is a dip in your energy level in the middle of that deal.


2. Visualisation

Think about your positive future, productivity and outcomes of your present actions. Attract success & productivity, with your weight loss or career, by thinking about it for a set time each day. The actions you are taking today to achieve a steady weight loss. What times produce more productivity, where can you fit exercise into your day with no distraction? Where are you going to pick up a healthy lunch today? How are you going to reduce your sugar intake? What will you look like when you make these changes? Do you have the confidence to make these change in front of your family and colleagues even when they start asking questions? YES, because you have faith in yourself.


3. Let faith and spirit in

As the saying goes ‘When faith comes, fear goes’. It’s harder to have a successful weight loss journey if you’re scared that positive changes may not happen for you, even if you work your tail off. Exercise works for everyone, so if there is anything worth believing in this is it. Have faith in fitness!

Believe in fitness to the very last rep, mile and stretch. Exercise makes you feel healthier and better on the inside all day long.

4. Have a morning personal training session

If your productivity is struggling right now, push yourself to make the exercise happen in your day. Get a professional trainer. Personal trainers are the people to call when you’re a beginner because they can take it slow, and stop you retiring back to your comfort zone too easily.


5. Review dreams and goals

This is your year to achieve your productivity dreams. After exercise, you are usually in your most positive state, especially if you’re having a good healthy breakfast too.


6. Plan the next day

Use your journal to get writing. At this stage, start putting your plans into productivity & writing. Using all the information from your goals, your faithfulness and your visualisations. You can make a strong plan of action in your life to make positive changes.

7. Take Action

You know what you have to do.