Exercise: Fight & Beat Stressful Situations

EXERCISE: Can Help Control Stress Individuals who complete daily exercise with their personal trainer will let you know they feel better as a direct result. Some will say this is on the grounds that happy brain chemicals invigorate their mind and body. Feeling good can bring about a noticeable improvement in a person’s attitude to life and help […]

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7 Real Tips for Warming up with Weights

Warm-up: 7 Tips for Exercise Preparation Starting promptly with an immense weight lifting session.  But something’s missing. You’re not in the zone yet…try a focused warm-up. Where do you start?  Warm-up Advice for Beginners Skimping on your warmup can put you behind a month if injured during your session. Most people encounter an injury during the first 15 minutes of an extraordinary session due to not having a good warm up routine. You may be unclear on how to get your whole body and target muscles ready for lifting heavy weights to achieve maximum muscle growth, […]

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