Together, strong, firm core muscles create an internal pressure within the abdomen cavity, holding the internal organs in place. The core muscles, intercostal muscles, diaphragm help with the expulsion of air, containing waste gases, from the lungs.core-muscles

Throughout you body’s trunk, the core is the body’s ‘powerhouse’ a central region providing strength and connectivity. The core is not only your set of abdominals and lower-back; the core is all of your trunk muscles (glutes, abs, mid-back, latissimi dorsa, shoulders, chest, etc.) The muscles are attached to the ribs, sternum, arms, spine, and hips transfer the force through the body to create clean, crisp and efficient movement patterns.

The core has a unique way of establishing power production, control and rotational power in one movement. Any sports move you can think of involves the core at some point. Although, those new to exercise or  physically inactive for a long time may have poor core movement patterns.

The obvious advantages for you to create lean muscle in this area is slimmer hips, tighter waist, six pack abs, and toned tummy area. These all help with nicely fitting clothes.