Start on the right foot with a healthy protein filled smoothie. Being a personal trainer, sometimes I get so involved with the sessions I haven’t set a lunch-time. Promising myself I buy something on the way or will eat when I reach

As I walk into my kitchen, the big problem when I’m busy is struggling to find healthy contents in our fridge, cupboards or freezer. I do look, 3 times I go around looking for healthy food in the hope something delicious, filling and low in calories might appear.

Staying healthy with food becomes yet another thing on my to-do list. Knowing how to train and shape the body is one thing but fuelling for work is another!

As a busy, professional I recognise how empowering a personal trainer can be to show you the way and help you to keep you on track.

Your biggest challenge is the creation of a new lifestyle. Finding the time to get started, a personal trainer can take that pain out of the process by showing you just how SMALL modifications can create POWERFUL changes. Whether it be the right exercises for you or the right nutrients.

Work Ideas

List of things you can do to stay healthy at work:

Pack healthy snacks for yourself the evening before. I always say tomorrow starts today. So start preparing your lunch-time snacks when you get home from work.
Do some non-exercise activity in your working hours rather than just sitting doing work at your desk, or standing next to your desk. For example, instead of emailing, get up exaggerate your body language and use your whole when you are having a conversion. Act out what you are saying, then, once you’re done you can still send the email. The message will be clearer, and you’ll be healthier.


Try not to eat lunch at your desk. Get moving, arrange a personal training session near your workplace at lunchtime. It’s called a runch. Run before you have lunch. If there is a park near work or home, use it to walk through instead of taking the tube or bus all the way.