Confidence to Bear Your Body

First off, confidence is sexy, we all have bad bits. You may have fears about your wobbly bits, your bushy bits, or the things that only you’re aware are ‘not normal’ about your body. Gripping fingers, embracing faces and propelling sensations? Sex can be incredible. But the best sex only comes when you’re connected with your sexual desires, looking good and self-confident in your own beautiful skin.

Don’t Lose your Flex Drive

To rev-up your sex drive, there is good news: passionate sex is a workout. The exercise and endorphins are absolutely restorative. Routine can get boring. Get your heart rate going by experimenting more in the bedroom. Devote time for foreplay and swapping positions, you can burn as many as one hundred calories over a 30-minute session by doing this. In terms of cardio, if you’re really into it, you can increase the speed of your heart rate enough to burn some serious calories, but chances are you’ll be concentrating more on your partner than making sure your heart rate stays in the aerobic-stage.

Strength in Movers and Shakers

In addition to burning calories and getting your heart revving, you can also get a workout just as good as the one you’d get at the gym with specific strength “sexercises” and you may even relieve some stress. We all think about the physical advantages of getting regular sex, strengthening the core, hip flexors, hamstrings and inner thigh, gluteus and upper body. As far as exercise counting towards strength training, you do use a great deal of muscle, but which muscles and to what degree is determined by your sex style. If you prefer to be on top, the legs and arms get more action than if you are a passive partner. The thrusting motion of exercise is great to firm the stomach and glutes, which can improve posture. Exercise, for women, has the added benefit of engaging the pelvic floor and abs. Kegels, an exercise vital for strengthening the pelvic floor, can also make exercise more pleasurable for you and your partner take complete advantage of that.

Keep at it and get Stronger

Next time you are considering skipping your workout, consider the impact it might have on your sex life – something you might deem worthy of the additional effort. If you really want to make exercise an effective workout, consider adding a few innovative items to your bed-room-time, such as the exercise ball, which adds a dynamic core workout to the sexercise-fusion.

There are innumerable benefits of exercise, and better sex just transpires to be one of them. Research now shows that women who regularly exercise have better sex, reach orgasm quicker, and are more easily aroused than non-active, sedentary women. Being in better cardiovascular shape and having more muscle strength also makes sex more adventurous. Different positions and longer sessions are easier the better shape you are in so if you are enthusiastic to get between the sheets, after working out, you will find your body responds faster and more intensely to erotic situations.