She’s strong, fit and energetic. Does she look like she spends her day gnawing on croissants on the sofa while surfing Facebook on her tablet? No she looks like she just beat her fiancé in a tug of war and then had a nourishing meal to recover. And then some dessert? Who knows? Almost certainly not.

There’s no logic in eliminating our human instincts. Everybody puts a lot of significance on physical engaging qualities such as a slim waist, round bum and toned thighs. Physical allure plays an important role in human mate choice (Buss, 1989). No matter how built-up London city becomes, we are still raw, natural, living human flesh. When we first meet someone new, so much is going on. If we make up our mind about a person at first sight (5 seconds) is that enough time to get to know them properly? Yes, we are very instinctive creatures and need to make quick decisions, life is too short.

Think back to the last new person you met. How long did you spend getting to know them before you made up your mind about them? Hotness is obvious wellbeing. It’s either It’s most likely that concentrating too much on our physical appearance can lead us down a way to unreliability.


When you look at a potential date, you pick up visual cues about the person:

  • Do they care about themselves?
  • Shoes?
  • Body Language.
  • Are they overweight?
  • Do they dress well?
  • Do they have any characteristic features?
  • What would my friend think of them?
  • What would my parents think?

We try to choose to date people who are well-intentioned, physically pleasing and sincere. Besides, bodily science knows this best. We need to reproduce before our time runs out. We can spend a lifetime getting to know someone. But we know in that first instant we know to pursue or not. If you can see yourself with them long-term you will do something about it. What’s on the outside reflects what’s on the inside, this means the healthiness of their offspring and their quality of life. In relation to dating, love and friends, physical body image matters. Why is the population struggling to look after their human instinct?

An image can be so powerful and we gather a great deal of information about a person from what the individual looks like. The exploration naturally demonstrates that regardless of whether individuals say they admire physical engaging quality despite everything they construct their activities with respect to it. For goodness sake, even the individuals who genuinely accept that they couldn’t care less about physical allure still think about it the same amount of as others when it comes down to who they really date (Eastwick & Finkel, 2008; Finkel, Eastwick, & Matthews, 2007).



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