For beginners, most personal trainers suggest an optimum of a full 60 minute session on 3 days every week. Simply focusing on one thing during each workout means more time in the gym.

But that’s a good thing right?


Regular Exercise Sessions

Try new things regularly to stay active


Once your routine become too easy for you, increase the amount of days that you’re active. Add 2 more sessions of something new, such as hill walking, the stepper or dancing. If you’re pacing yourself properly, it’s okay to increase your exercise sessions from thrice every week to four or 5 times every week.

Length of Session

Maximise your running time.


To get most power out of your session increase the length of your sessions. Step by step attempt to challenge yourself to increase the amount of your exercise sessions. As an example, if you began your fitness routine just managing to run for twenty minutes in one session, attempt twenty five minutes. Once that becomes too straightforward attempt half-hour, and so on.

Session Intensity

Faster, harder and stronger.


This means to fight harder in every personal training session! Ask your personal trainer to up the intensity of your workout if you feel you can do more.

Programme Progression

The future is an exciting place


Your personal trainer will progress your workouts for you step by step. Every session with be a little harder than the next. Planned properly you will progress at your optimal rate.

Optimal Overload

Add some more weight to that bar.


Challenging your fitness level is incredibly vital. Too little exertion could have little impact on your body, thus wreaking your workout and wasting some time. For every form of exercise, there’s a peak level of force that your body can produce. Your current fitness level is determined by this.