Change your energy levels with food.

Understand what’s in food and how it fits in with the rest of your diet will help you make healthier choices and change your life.

Make the healthy switches.

Eating well means feeding your body what it needs, in the most natural way you can manage and afford. Start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon or a protein shake depending on your goals. Having healthy food on hand is half the battle. Although being overweight can increase your risk of disease, nutrition is not really about weight. It’s about health. How often have you really wanted something Food is fuel, and it’s about fuelling your body, to function optimally, with good energy sources it can work at its optimum capacity. Find out if you’re a healthy weight with the BMI calculator. I find that by making freezer meals ahead so that I don’t have to meal plan and can easily pull out supper every day, I eat less junk. it feels like there is a forcefield stopping you from achieving it?

Mindful Nutrition

We’re encouraged to be increasingly mindful of what we eat nowadays, and for good reason considering the state of the food we consume. it just might be that your energy is vibrating on a low frequency and attracts all the things you don’t want.Nutrition can be a complicated thing nowadays with food allergies and food intolerances in abundance. Changing how you eat doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing thing. What is healthy for your body may not be healthy for someone else’s but there are certain commonalities that I think most people could agree on. Eat well and savour it. Most of us still are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Maybe you could add just an extra bit of fruit a day They should make up over a third of the food we eat each day. Eat a variety of foods. Maintain good portion control standards for your body in terms of your height and energy level.
Relish the food you eat too, remarkable energy exchanges so take your time. Paying attention to flavors, textures, and smells, even the medicinial act of eating can soothe our bodies and reawaken us to the sensations of being alive. It’s possible to shift you energy around, so you can start attracting better things for yourself and your life.