Motivation to Get Back in Shape - Weight Loss 1

Motivation to Get Back in Shape – Weight Loss

As you become comfortable in lifestyle situations, you become less motivated to grow and be challenged. Repetition dominates, and passion dwindles. You have to make a decision, and decide it is time for a change.
Weight Loss, it used to be so easy. Losing weight, now it’s a challenge, isn’t it? You will need motivation along the way.
• Aching body
• suffer from burnout
• lost all enthusiasm and passion for training
• You will want to give up
• And you may even think you’ve failed at times

Remind yourself of why you need motivation to lose weight.
There are hundreds of reasons why people want to start losing weight and need motivation to get in shape:
• wedding
• reunion
• holiday
• dating
• baby
• medical
• health
• self conscious
There is nothing more powerful to get you fired up than having a firm goal to work towards. All of these may encourage you to have a specific date in place. A date that you will have reached your goal by.
Traditional Approach to Lose Weight
Cardio workouts would have you on the treadmill for hours each week, but where is the motivation to lose weight? This low intensity activity could be on the bicycle, jogging, cross training, etc. After doing this for a month, people found that they were unable to lose significant weight because:
• your body reaches steady state,
• the energy equals out and,
• adjusts to the workload and therefore
• tries to conserve energy.
The modern approach to lose weight- ask us!
Training in different environments has become increasingly popular. People want to get out of the gym environment and start doing the real thing. More people are doing obstacle courses such as:
• Tough Mudder
• Spartan Race,
• Dirty Girl Mud Run.
• Muddy Buddy Adventure Series.
• The Zombie Mud Run.
• Mudderella.
• Warrior Dash.
• Civilian Military Combine.
• Rugged Maniac.
Keeping my motivation high is essential. You need someone who challenges you to be your best every day and love to help people. Some people hire personal trainers. Other people join groups online and post videos and pictures of themselves waking up early to prove to everyone (and themselves) that they can do it. Surrounding yourself with people who are much more informed about exercise and healthy living will keep you learning every day.
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