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If you are under-fit and overweight, you’re in the perfect place to activate your body’s true potential.

Your goal:

Weight loss – high impact

Your fat loss with a personal trainer combines circuit training, interval training and high intensity training; all of which we know when done correctly will melt body fat off you like nothing else.

Intense training is hard to do alone, nonetheless it has extraordinary benefits for your body.


Weight loss – low impact

We tailor bespoke training programmes for each and every client to get the maximum results in the minimum time. If you need a lower impact routine, we can create a smoother ride for you. We know when you complete our fat loss training you will continue to burn calories even when you have left the gym, you will burn fat for up to 24-48 hours.


Fat Loss – burn fat fast. Shed excess body weight.

Ab Attack – refine your mid section and create Jessica beil abs.

Total toning – creates slender, leaner, more toned you.

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We believe the promotion of health and fitness and we have success stories to prove it!

Seeing results happens outside of your your comfort zone. You can do it without a gym, you’re well out of that zone already. So you may use different exercises or training implements to complete your workout.

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