Belly Fat and Weight Loss

A toned tummy with all the sexy lines going through it. Let’s do the Math on that:

You need 1500-2000 daily calories to survive.

An exercise session burns between 150-400 calories.

Now, the amount you actually ingest.

Change your lifestyle and you will lose the belly. 

Simple arithmetic.

Exercise for Fat Burning

Burning off the excess belly fat calories requires some exercise. Some of the amazing health benefits of exercise are:

  • boosting your mood
  • strengthening your cardiovascular system
  • reducing your blood pressure
  • serious fat burning

But you know how weight loss works, right? To lose belly fat and uncover superb abs, start with core exercises and high intensity training (HITT) with a personal trainer. The core muscles will become more developed and HITT will burn more calories. Studies show that people in London who maintain their weight loss over the long-term are having regular personal training sessions, meeting up three times weekly with their personal trainers.

If your belly is among your biggest bother zones, you are right to start cardiovascular exercise to get you out of breath and rework your midriff. The exercise your personal trainer will prescribe you will scorch calories during a single exercise session, and double the amount of calories you burn per hour and shed fat everywhere from your body.


Cut out sugar from your diet

By immediately getting rid of sugars and high glycaemic starches (carbs) from your diet you can lose enough excess weight to begin exercising again. Sugary foods are high on the glycaemic index (GI); they stimulate insulin secretion the most. If you didn’t understand already, insulin secretion is that the main fat storage hormone within the body. When insulin secretion goes down, fat is more easily used as an energy source. Fat stores are used for daily activities; burning fats rather than carbs. Another advantage of lowering insulin secretion is that your kidneys shed excess metal and water out of your body, which reduces bloat and superfluous water weight. It is not unusual to lose up to 5kg (in body fat and water weight) within the initial week of changing your consumption habits in this manner.


The key to losing belly fat is firstly the motivation of a personal trainer; an intensely well-developed weight loss plan is essential. The intake healthy food and fewer calories than your body will burn in day is also important. So, balance the quantity of excellent food you dine in the day with the quantity of calories you burn throughout the day with fun, varied and difficult exercise along with your personal trainer. The easy message regarding intake of healthy food is usually to aim to eat a dietary pattern that accentuates intake of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It includes farm merchandise, poultry, fish, legumes and nuts. Zero sweets, zero sugary beverages and no red meats.

If you are concerned about your body fat, fitness level or health, rather than avoiding the issue call a personal trainer to start your health and fitness programme today!