Lolo Jones: The Ultimate Female Athlete

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About Lolo Jones

Lolo is an Olympic athlete, expertly overpowering barriers to success, both track and personal hurdles. Jones, a two-time world champion in the 60-meter hurdles. She has shared much of her professional and personal life in the media, including her search for a romantic relationship.



“I always use my failures to get through and push past.” – Lolo Jones

Gender: Female

Age: 36 years

Graduated: Louisiana State University (2005),

Occupation: athlete

Sports: Womens hurdles, USA Bobsled team

Sponsors: Asics and Red Bull.

Origin: Native American, African-American, French, and Norwegian descent.






Jones, 36, who competed in the 100-meter hurdle event in the London Games in 2012 as well as the bobsled event two years later in the Sochi Olympics, openly broadcast her track events training schedule.


  • speed off the final hurdle,
  • rebounding physically,
  • strong passion for running,
  • able to embrace and express failures.


  • Injuries –
  • spinal surgery,
  • shoulder surgery
  • hip surgery
Training Schedule

Everyone wants to know what Lolo Jones does to stay fit. But, she insists, she’s just like everybody else. Jones holds herself to a programme which entails a lot of quick movements with a lot of reps, interval running, hill workouts and sprints. She has a amatory lean body shape, revealing her strength and power. She recommends proper rest and not over doing it.


The more we read about lolo the more interesting she gets. Humanitarian Athlete of the Year (2008), after offering her prize money from the Olympic Trials to a savings account for a victim of the Iowa floods. She also gave each member of a track team a pair of spikes, helped repair the alethic track and purchase hurdles. So, as you can imagine, she is very popular.