Learning to Water Row on the Thames

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Try Rowing

If you have delight in watching Victoria Thornley row and are in an inspired mood to give it a go, you’re never too old to learn to row. It’s an awesome way to breathtakingly view the river Thames. Trying rowing for the first time is easy for everyone.
For complete beginners in rowing, get yourself out on the water, build your skills so that you can call yourself a rower! Wider, more stable boats are available to help you learn to row. These stable boats are a real hit with beginners.

Some clubs may offer free taster sessions to give an introduction to water work and the exciting sport of rowing before signing up to structured lessons.
If you are nervous about going on water straight away, you can stay on dry land, on the ergonomic rowing machine we can help with that too.

Love Rowing

Rowing is a sport that appeals to people of all ages and abilities. Many clubs offer flexible ways to take part from social rowing to competing. If you’ve not rowed before and want to get yourself in a boat, an easy way to start is TopRow offering “Learn to Row” courses out of the London Rowing Club facilities. you can directly contact your local rowing club by visiting their website.
If you are seriously looking take up the sport London Rowing Club supports novice rowing by hosting TopRow a team to help you get started and specialises in getting people onto the water for the first time.
Giving you an introduction to the exciting sport of rowing. They provide a wide range of courses for people to enjoy as well as a. The professional team guide trainee rowers on the water, teaching them rowing technique, timing and rhythm. Aimed at anyone with an interest in the sport, TopRow is the place to pick up the oars. Have a look at their website at london.toprow.com

Water Rowing Technique

The rowing boat will move effortlessly through the water with good technique. The legs ought to be doing most of the work in the rowing technique. It’s a long, front loaded, leg driven stroke. This powerful leg drive produces maximum speed. The aim of each stroke is to move the boat, with minimum effort, as far as possible. Good technique is efficient and effective that gains and maintain speed.

Once you’ve learned and mastered good rowing technique it’s like opening Pandora’s box. The rowing club still have members competing at 80 years old, and rowing tours at home & abroad is an progressively popular way to stay involved.