Laughter Yoga is a real thing.

About Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a fun-filled way of exercising. To lift your mood and leave you feeling energised. The result hopefully leaves you calm and relaxed. Based on scientific research and substantial evidence stating that the body reacts the same whether it be real or simulated laughter! Starting with a few therapeutic laughter exercises, your body will eventually allow the warm pleasant laughter to flow through your body.

A Typical Laughter Yoga Session

During a laughter yoga session, the participants would be compelled to let laughter flow from different parts of the body. The silly, forced laughter becomes real laughter that gets blood flowing and endorphins
released into the body.

Laughter Yoga has been found to have a multitude of health benefits, it brings people together and can be done anywhere. When done in groups it can improve or restore a sense of community spirit.

The benefits of laughter yoga have been apparently experienced by participants:

  • Happiness
  • Pain Relief
  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • immune system boost
  • lower stress
  • 100 calorie burn

Laughing for no reason is a concept everyone can enjoy health, relationships, communication and most enjoyable if you have lost your inner laughter. Laughter Yoga is for all and real laughter often and quickly emerges from the laughter-based exercises.

Humble Beginnings

The first Laughter Club began in a park in Mumbai with only five people and now sweeping the world in thousands in more than 70 countries this combination of playful laughter exercises and deep breathing techniques have proven to create joyful events and be a recipe for successful transformation and lasting change.

Now Laughter is Celebrated:

  • World Laughter Day celebrates and promotes laughter for World Peace.
  • World Laughter Day takes place every year on the first Sunday of May.

Laughter Exercises

The benefits of doing these exercises, once a day, have been powerful enough to help people cope with many stresses and life’s ups and down, along with increased health and immunity, and inner well-being.

Laughter Yoga techniques

Comprehensive laughter therapy is the top-most way to create a peaceful mind. The aim is to dispel stagnant air from the lungs, and expand your lungs. In turn this will increase your oxygen levels whilst creating a vibe of happiness in the brain.

Follow these guide exercises:

Vibrate the pituitary.

Place your hand on your hand and make a vibration tone, a Greeting Laughter and let it became a laughter. To make it more fluid, come with a water body (wiggle, play like a child).

Touch your Thyroid

Place your hand on your neck as if you were taking your pulse. Start humming and activating the thyroid gland.

Thump the Thymus

The thymus is located around the sternum. Begin a hearty laugher focusing on the area in the chest.

Belly laughter

In this exercise, you will laugh like Santa Claus (HO HO HO). Bring the laughter out from you belly.

Join Us

No experience necessary, just bring yourself, your friends and family, a drink and curiosity and be prepared to laugh for no reason. A great reason to get in touch soon to start feeling the benefits!