Kickboxing: beginners learn to improve technique 2020 1

Kickboxing: beginners learn to improve technique 2020

Envision yourself – kickboxing workouts are making a comeback in 2020 so get your gloves ready to start martial arts fighting gallantly, brutal tactics, a kickboxing success sparring in the enchanted mirror, ready to fiercely attack, at this fundamental point you realistically are your own opponent.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing by tradition incorporates a blend of boxing (punching) and karate (kicking). Once you know the basics, you can turn it up a notch and get your sweat on with a full blown martial arts workout. So, if you’re looking to amplify power, open your heart to confidence and harmonisation, or you’re just after a fantastic intense workout, kickboxing will bring you back to the future.

A Typical Kickboxing Workout

• starting with warm up, to get your heart pumping.
• moving to some dynamic stretching, straight leg swings.
• technical part: fundamental techniques of kickboxing

Distancing (full, half and close)

split-second decisions, to ascertain the critical distance between you and your aggressive opponents weak points, being close enough to typically generate enough power into a punch or kick, but far enough to back out of danger:

  1. Full – fully extended leg. 
  2. half – fully extended jab or cross punch.
  3. Close – uppercuts and vicious hooks.


Relentless kickboxing requires you to intentionally make it difficult for your fierce opponent to launch, or properly complete a direct attack, and inadvertently allow yourself to counterattack before your opponent scarcely has time to return to guard position, this involves:

  1. Deflection – instantly push the attack aside to lessen the impact.
  2. Blocking – prevent the attack, before its launched to escape full impact
  3. Dodging – move enough to evade danger.

Kickboxing is good for you

• A whole-body workout for fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination.
• You’ll learn all the combat skills and techniques
• A challenging activity that boosts confidence.