Oxygen Freejumping

Trampolines are for jumping, but not just for kids. Trampoline jumping has become widely popular in west London with people of all ages with an increase in home and garden trampolines over the past 10 years. Although, many people whom live in flats aren’t able to own a trampoline and see what all the fuss is about.

There a whole heap of health benefits associatied with trampoline jumping, and you can’t help but smile when on one.

“I challenge anyone to jump on a trampoline and not smile” David Stalker, Oxygen Freejumping Co-Founder (Former CEO of UKActive).

Oxygen Freejumping, the indoor jumping park has interconnected trampolines big enough to squeeze in 132 people – the Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park in Acton has space and activities for everyone, from Little O for under 5s and weekend family bounce sessions to teenage takeovers and fitness classes. You can even sign up for freerunning classes.

Starting with jumping socks on, you start your training with some slow gentle bounces to get going in the centre. Establishing your momentum with simple jumps to warm up and get into a rhythm. And at that point you will be able to try out different moves then start to build on the simple jumping movements, adding opportunities for circular arms movements tuck jumps turns and twists side to side, adding arm actions and going upside down straddle jumps and whereabouts;, , and before you know it you’ll be rebounding a sweat on, then have a quick sip of water to re hydrate . Trampoling can be a high intensity exercise, so has all the benefits of other cardiovascular activities such as running but a little bit more fun until you realise you look a bit silly! Happy Jumping!