Jessica Biel: The Workout and Diet Revealed.


The way Jessica Biel works out is primarily focused on toning her body whilst quickly burning fat with her personal trainer. So in her favour, her workout routine comprises of weight training mixed with high intensity plyometric exercises. The is secret concoction of exercise is a fast way to tourch body fat.

Workout Routine

Her workout routine is immense. Plyometric exercises hurt, even athletes hate working out that hard. But the secret to Biel’s famously good looking body is her life’s commitment to high intensity exercise, and this just wouldn’t be possible without the support of her personal trainer.

High Intensity Fat Scorching Exercise

You will also notice that Jessica Beil’s workout routine usually start with walking lunges and light cardio to keep the muscles active, joints supple and ignite the fat burning process. In addition to her cardio workout, she does strength-training exercises that tone those troublesome areas. Using full body movements, using as many muscles at once, which will maintain your heart rate throughout the workout.

Jessica Biel typically works out two or three times a week—depending on if she has a movie shoot on the horizon.

During her early years, Biel devoted a lot of time to gymnastics, which left her back and leg muscles a little weak. Because of this, rest and recovery is important. Taking one to two days off a week: have a massage, make sure you get plenty of rest. The muscles actually change when they’re recovering.

Cross Training

Jessica Biel advocates mixing up her routine, for mental stimulation. Every other day, when she’s not in the gym, Biel stays active by spending time outdoors, either going for a jog, running with the dogs, biking, or playing sports like volleyball. If you can get out there, even if it’s a hike or something like that, just to break up the monotony of going to the gym you’d really benefit from it emotionally and spiritually. Biel also tries to do Yoga at least twice a week. “Yoga keeps my muscles long and flexible,” she says. Most of her Yoga workouts are done in the afternoon.

Food and Diet Choices

Food choices

Jessica Biel eats really organic and clean foods, all natural.

Breakfast would be whole grain bread toast with egg whites and cinnamon. For a mid-morning snack, they’d do a mixed-berry protein shake. Lunch might be sweet potato tuna melt. An afternoon snack might be hummus with celery sticks. Dinner would be spaghetti and meatballs with spaghetti squash and meatballs made of turkey or chicken breast.”

Food is not the enemy. Keep eating when you are at work or busy for long periods for sustained energy and optimal recovery. If you don’t keep well fuelled you will only burn yourself out. You need healthy drinks and snacks to give you a sustained flow of energy. They will be your best friend to stop you going so hungry you binge on sugary foods.

This way, you are not burning up your well-earned muscle. The staple foods of her daily diet plan include:

  • Sweet almonds
  • whole wheat toast
  • organic oatmeal
  • fresh fish
  • organic brown rice
  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruit
  • dark chocolate

Diet and Lifestyle

As you can see from the list above, although Biel tries to maintain a healthy diet, particularly when she is preparing for a movie, she still enjoys the occasion sweet treat. The key for her though is moderation. You can have chocolate, just not every day.

Jessica Biel has several important don’ts that have kept her fit and healthy.

These are: getting adequate sleep, downing lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are the most important things for a healthy lifestyle. It can be a boring lifestyle, but doing those things really help.

Fat and Sugar

The biggest problem with society now is that people are fat phobic. It’s clinically proven that we need healthy fat in our diets. Refined sugar is the enemy, which are consumed in sugary drinks. That’s why Tesco are banning children’s Ribena drinks. Their clever marking make them look fruity and healthy, whereas the truth is they are just sugar and water with fruit flavouring. You need to eat a balanced diet but not be afraid of fat, like Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, olive oil and even coconut oil.