Jessica Biel


When it comes to cardio, Biel is a running fan. No matter where she is filming, she can always squeeze in a quick jog or some sprinting intervals for a workout on the road.

Her personal trainer, Jason Walsh, trains her with circuits and running. How do you stay in such great shape? I work out like three times a week with a trainer (Jason Walsh) .Running is a great cardio vascular exercise which builds your overall body muscles. It works on your ankles (when you lift your foot up), increases hip stability, improves thigh and shoulder muscles, spinal stability. So, no matter where Biel is she can indulge into running or a quick jog and improve her endurance.

The Great Outdoors

Jess loves taking to the great outdoors. It’s set in her roots. Biking through NYC, or taking an outdoor run, Jessica is all about getting outside. It makes sense: raised in Colorado, Jessica spent her time in the sea, and mountains hiking with her parents.  She has progressed this pastime by climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010.


She loves going outdoors and do a variety of exercises. She says that her parents were an amazing couple, from whom she took these very helpful, healthy habits. She says they were always kinda “Hippies” playing in the Grand Canyon. Mostly, she does exercises which require no equipment so that she can perform it on her movie shoot location.

Circuit Strength Training

Circuit training targets every muscle in the body, building strength and muscular endurance. Jess is apparently does a series of exercises to complete one circuit. It is again good for building overall body tone and may / may not require equipment, depending on the specific exercise. Her toned muscles are the result of circuit training only. Now, she has developed a habit of going outside and do exercises while enjoying the grass laden gardens. To develop upper body: press ups, dips on park bench, floor back extensions, pull up on monkey bars, ball chest pass, incline press up. For lower body: step ups, park bench squat, ply0metric squat jumps, a series of shuttle runs can be done.

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