How to get respect when you’re at the gym


Self Respect

  1. Respect yourself – Eat the best healthiest food -Try your best at everything – improve all areas of your life, you can’t be best at everything but you can at least try –
  1. Take pride in your appearance – grooming, fitness, exercise clothing, new running shoes
  1. Think before you react – If someone tries to give you advice, listen. If you get into a fight, use you strongest muscle – your brain.
  1. Stand up for your true feelings – don’t be scared to rock the boat, if you don’t agree with someone, have a discussion or debate about the subject, and win.


  1. Speak respectfully – just because you’re at the gym doesn’t mean you need to talk like a WWF wrestler all the time, interactions, engage, be interested in other people, if someone is talking too long and you need to get to work, let them know, but in a respectful way.
  1. Practise good technique – if you are not sure, get a personal trainer to help you.
  1. Respect other people – smile as you pass, consider other peoples feeling, tactfulness, try to understand, listen, you earn respect, try to help new members, don’t laugh, don’t make fun of their exercise gear. Do nice thing for other people.
  1. Clean up after yourself. – Put the equipment use have used and finish using away. Your weights, return the machine back, straighten mat, wipe the machine down – try to respect the gym and you with gain the respect you have earned.
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