What is Confidence?

Confidence is knowing you can trust yourself. Being friendly, relaxed and social, you meet new people with ease and speak out with confidence.

I am Confident

You may be confident in one area of your life, such as, you can perform your job easily in the office. But another aspect of your life may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.  If you are trying to get yourself geared up to go for a run, you put your jogging shoes on, you’re all dressed in your jogging outfit, but you just need a little more confidence in exercise, fitness and health to just you that push out the door.

Having great self esteem can give you that push, and having a body that’s in shape may give you that self-esteem to exercise without doubting yourself. The first step would be to hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes so you know you’re doing it right and not causing an injury. Good luck.

My Confidence is Increasing

You confidence is becoming greater each day, you will be fearless today and always.  Your trust in yourself is full, you belive and love yourself. You battery is charged to 100% and you are totally confident in yourself. You are becoming bolder and braver, with every session, you are in control of your life

I am Fearless Today and Always

You stay persistent and push through set backs easily. During your weight loss journey you may not lose weight every week. By easily overcoming any of lifes hurdles, you can have the confidence to keep trying. You can face anything that confronts you, weather it be the sandwich man, the muffin man, the candy man or the chocolate gift giver. You can overcome the shyness to speak out and say “NO, I’M ON A WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY, NOT TODAY, THANK YOU!”. This doesn’t mean you will lose friends, people will respect your decision to become healthy, you are easy going relaxed and social, you can stand up to anything.

Today I Take Action

Starting today you will face your life head on. You will start by consulting a personal trainer to give you direction, advice and a clear cut plan of action that you will follow with you trainer.

I am liberated from all fears and past failure

You may have tried to lose weight before and just plain failed. You need the support of a friend you can trust,  family or a personal trainer, you have all the will power you will ever need. You may not have finished the weight loss journey, maybe you have started it, you always succeed in spite of setbacks. You have your own way of doing things and your personality always shines through. With the right personal trainer, you can take the reigns, and let the trainer do the work for you to easily overcome any failures or setbacks.

I am Naturally Fearless

You are naturally strong, you were born with an inner strength, this gives you confidence. Confidence comes naturally to you, you are positive friendly and confident. Being confident comes naturally to you in all aspect of your life. You are prepared for life, you easily tap into you own inner strength, you easily go with the flow of life and succeed, being motivated and positive is normal for you.


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