How Did Sam Faiers Get So Healthy?

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Sam Faiers Starred in The Only Way is Essex, amazed the whole world with the dramatic body transformation. Sam always had size-10, but switched to a size-8 figure after ending her relationship. Gorgeous actress, Sam Faiers, is slowly evolving into our very own version of Kim Kardashian – working out by day and showing off the results by night by wearing curve-clinging outfits.

Clean & Lean Diet

To become as healthy as Sam, you may want to make durastic changes to you diet. The best way is to slowly swap food, one at a time. Nurture your body with enriched diet.

So a packet of crisps is swapped for a packet of carrot sticks. In place of a bag of Maltesers is swapped for a bag of grapes.

Exercise Inspiration

You can smash through the initial inertia and begin workouts by getting a personal trainer to get you started. Regular workouts trigger the release of good hormones that easily eliminate bad moods. Be happy and get into to good shape, with a weight loss routine. Get your heart pumping and the good hormones flowing for a feel good workout.

Sam decided she wanted to have a size-8 figure after ending her relationship with Joey. She woke up motivated and did a workout, even in her pajamas and sports bra.