Home Massage is a perfect treat for those who need a little sensual pampering. Let life float away with a calming massage for 1 or 2 hours within the comfort of your own home.


Home Massage may be a comparatively new service that enhances the advantage of Spa massage. Rather than having to drive or commute via transport to arrived in a massage salon, merely let the masseuse make an appearance at your door to visit you. The thing with Spa salon massage is that whenever your session is finished, you typically ought to jump up, get clothed, move from a quiet and dimly-lit area into a busy, bright, reedy atmosphere, and fight the crowds home before you’ll be able to place your feet up.

When your massage is finished you don’t even have to be compelled to move – the masseuse will merely let themselves out, for you to get pleasure from being in a very relaxed and peaceful state.

Home Massage Who Is It For?

Home Massage is appropriate for anyone and everybody. Though it’s very hip with busy employees within the centre of London, maybe don’t have the time to go to a conventional spa venue throughout operating hours, it is enjoyed by all. Some folks assume that Home Massage is merely on the market for folks with injuries or infirmities that will stop them from leaving the house. Home Massage is enjoyed by anyone, whether or not you are:

  • feeling in need of some pampering
  • stressed out with work
  • fatigued, aching  or sore muscles
  • generally run down

It is a fabulously indulgent feeling knowing that after you come home once an extended laborious day, knowing you’ll be treated to massage treatment later that evening. And it makes an ideal gift for that special somebody in your life.

How Much will Home Massage Cost?

Costs beginning at simply £49 for a one Hour Massage delivered in your home, and simply £89 for a two Hour Massage, our visiting massage service is really more cost-effective than most equivalent London spas.