Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Health and Weight Loss

Do you need more greens in your breakfast? I bet you can you squeeze some delicious shakes into your breakfast. I think you want a positive mentality, weight loss, and health boost in one drink too.
Green smoothies are healthier than fruit or vegetable juices. Juices are extracted from fruit or vegetables, the fibre portion of the plant is removed. Green smoothies contain a large amount of water, as well as the fibre of the fruit pulp, which helps boost your metabolism.
Your hunger will be satisfied at breakfast by consuming fruits and berries, juice and smoothie to satisfy your nutritional needs, cancer-fighting, blood pressure beating, bone strengthening, cardiovascular helping, brain boosting, skin smoothing, vision improving, inflammation reducing, energy increasing, and more.

A green smoothie recipe is a yummy serving of blended fruits and veg or a combination of both. They are an easy way to flush your body of toxins, get lots of healthy nutrients, and lose weight fast.

Why green smoothies?

Green smoothies are becoming incredibly popular despite the look and taste and may not exactly look like the most delicious meal. The reason for the rise in popularity is that they are great for weight loss and detox. Find your weight loss and detox goals are easier to achieve. Full of phytonutrients, protein, vitamins, antioxidants
The thought of granola and yogurt may not be appealing due to the fat and sugar content. After eating a healthy breakfast smoothie in the morning, I don’t feel heavy or bloated compared to an “old-fashioned” breakfast with eggs, meats, and slices of bread/croissants.
Green smoothies are often green or bright green and, you’ll love your simple green smoothies you’ll feel great and lose weight as well.

What do green smoothies usually contain? Basically anything healthy and green in colour will do:
Raw leafy greens
Young or mature spinach leaves, lettuce heads, mint leaves, Kale, chard (silver beet), Cabbage, Dandelion Greens, Carrot Tops
Green fruit and vegetables
Green apples, avocado, kiwi, Celery, Green peppers, Cucumber, juice/zest/flesh of lime
Green powders
Chlorella and Spirulina

Get More Green Nutrients

The nutrient filled the juice of greens are nourishment powerhouses, full of fibre from the edible slices of the plant, packed with vitamin B12 vitamins A, C, E, K, and folate; minerals like iron and calcium; carotenoids; antioxidants; omega-3s; and phytochemicals, and also insoluble fibre, which is like a miraculous sponge, helping us regularly eliminate pounds of toxins. This absorption of toxins from the liver is transported out of the body and gives your metabolism a great kick start.
When you eat fruits and vegetables in the raw state you get double the nutrients, because when you cook food it loses half of the vitamins and nutrients.
Green smoothies are homemade at low cost and you’re getting the freshest fruit and vegetables possible. Ooo Lala!
If you’re not a fan of drinking something “green”, try starting out with baby spinach in all your green smoothies. A spinach smoothie recipe has a very mild flavour and will naturally add vitamins and boost your metabolism. You won’t even know it’s in your smoothie, all you will taste is the fruit. Over time, try swapping half of the spinach for mint or Dandelion.

Enter the protein smoothie

Plan ahead to have a protein smoothie you whip up a protein smoothie in under 5 minutes. A protein smoothie can be made with just protein powder and water. As you age, you actually need to add more protein to your diet, getting 20 grams of body awakening protein to start your day.
Green healthy smoothies are easy to make. It’s pretty easy to start the smooth blending process with these directions:
Step 1 – add all ingredients to blender
Step 2 – blend until smooth
Step 3 – enjoy