Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman 1984

Introduction to The Wonder Women Movie

Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) is an upcoming theatrical superhero film scheduled to be released by Warner Brothers Pictures next year.
In August, shooting on location in London: St. Andrew’s Place, Regent’s Park and the Royal College of Physicians. Production again came back to the UK in October, with filming on location at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, and Hyde Park and the Savoy Hotel in Central London.
The movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and David Callaham, from a story written by Johns and Jenkins.
It stars shining light, Gal Gadot, in the leading role. Former beauty pageant contestant and signed model, she is naturally slim and playing a warrior woman meant she had to put on muscle to satisfy us with a superhero look. A strong, powerful body, independent, talented, and even relatable woman in a prominent role, effortlessly battling it out on screen.

That’s our kind of gal!

Gal Gadot’s Training: WW84 Movie

Gal Gadot and the cast of Amazonians all had tailored fitness plans personally suited their needs by a personal trainer.
The healthy heroines trained for six months to play Wonder Woman in Arguably the fiercest display of strong females. The routine included an hour of strength and conditioning both in mind set and muscles, topped off with two hours of stunt training. Gadot team need to be fit, agile and powerful for the stunts. With an amazing feat of sword-fighting, that uses core strength, flexibility and agility.

The 45-minute full-body wonder women inspired workout made from simple exercises taken from some of the toughest disciplines on the planet!


Exercise 1: Warm Up Rowing Machine – low-impact
a. 5 min low intensity for upper body warm up and pulse raiser.
b. Intervals – 30-second intense “sprint- row,” and a 60-second easy pace.

Exercise 2: Animal Inspired Movements.
a. Bear Crawl 40-metres.
b. Crab Walks 25 metres.

Exercise 3: Army Inspired Exercises
a. Burpee Broad Jumps
b. Pull Ups

Exercise 4: Olympic Gymnastics Inspires Exercise
a. Ring Push Ups.
b. Hanging leg raises