With the threat of childhood obesity, this wave of new technology may be a blessing, as it is getting more young people outside, being active and having fun with their friends.

For the masses, commuting in London involves the tube, catching the bus, riding a bike (or traffic dodging), occasional driving or walking, but a new generation of devices are making commuting more gratifying for professional thrill seekers.

Fun-Loving Travel

The lesser traveled by versions of unicycles, custom bikes and scooters are for people who are less conventional and like to stand out of the streets of London. They might not be the most conventional forms of getting around London, but they’ll certainly give you a routine thrill. We’ve seen modified bikes, adult scooters and even roller blades, but the next form of London city transport could be a go-kart, electric scooter, or a uni-cycle. Turning your back on the masses offers many advantages.

Your Adventurous Side

You get a daily dose of fresh air instead of being stuck on an unventilated bus, and you’ll undoubtedly burn more calories and make your moment in history for the environment. Some of the new gadgets can seem luxurious, but after the initial outlay, they are often more economical than getting the train or bus so you’ll save enough money for a healthy lunch.

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The Electric Scooter

2606372148_f53f3e633e_mWhat came first? The electric scooter or the Segway? Electric scooters are way more interesting than walking and much faster too. They are relatively easy to transport, electric scooters are a progressively popular way of getting around for adults. Billed as the “smallest and lightest electric vehicle in the realm”, fold-up electric scooters weigh around 6kg. Give it a push to start the motor automatically and reach speeds of upto 15 mph. Safety First: Always wear protection – helmets & pads.

The Segway

These are not very popular in London as they are very bulky and could be dangerous in busy streets. In London, we love light, easy to carry, small and cool. The Segway is none of those things. That’s why we invented the electric skateboard!

The Electric Hoover/ Segway/ Skateboard

Have you seen these around London?

electric skateboard

It looks like a hover board with blue led.

The Electric Unicycle

Unicycle usage around London is very minimal with everyday commuters, although there are many people using unicycles to get around.