Introduction to Tennis Training


A smartly planned tennis training package is a miracle for your game. Your finely-tuned skills combined with a robust core suggests that prodigious power in serves, forehands, backhands and volleys. providing you with a competitive advantage. Like all competitive sports, tennis places huge demands on the body. You swing on a predominant arm and one aspect of the body. Bound muscle teams are overworked whereas others are neglected. So the goal is to even things out.

Power Training for Tennis

Now that you simply have a solid and all-around base of strength, you’ll be able to advance to additional intense sessions. The objective of this half-dozen week part is to create high levels of most strength. What precisely is Max Strength? It’s merely the quantity of force you’ll be able to apply in one single, voluntary contraction.
Power, which might be a process considering the sport, may be a product of strength AND speed.

Power = Max Strength x Speed of Movement

The larger most strength control in your muscles the larger your potential for power. On its own greatest strength isn’t abundant use for the participant. Unless you’ll be able to apply a high proportion of that strength quickly (explosive power) and over a chronic amount (muscular endurance), you will not see an excellent deal of improvement on the court. Tennis may be a sport that needs a broad fitness program. Strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance are all athletic building blocks of a court game contestant. travail routines designed for court game ought to incorporate coaching for every of those attributes. Balanced coaching involves workouts on the court, within the athletic facility and on the track.

Strength Training for Tennis

Strength provides the facility necessary to hit shots with pace and spin also because the explosive power for sprints and fast direction changes. The legs, core, back and shoulders ar vital areas to strengthen in your workouts. With a collection of dumbbells you’ll be able to perform exercises to assist build the leg strength necessary for the trials of court game. For instance, hold a dumbbell in your hands and perform forward and backward lunges. Perform dumbbell shoulder presses to strengthen your shoulders. And to strengthen your core, perform plank holds.

Speed and Lightness for Tennis

To develop speed and lightness, incorporate shuttle runs and footwork exercises into your workouts. Use the subsequent four ball shuttle run to develop speed. Place four court game balls in an exceedingly line on the court. 2 ought to be at the ‘T’, one at world wide web and one halfway in between. beginning at the baseline, sprint to every ball and one at a time decide them up and place them on the baseline. On the last ball bit the baseline with the ball then come back it to its original position. Repeat till all balls come back. to figure on lightsomeness, place 2 cones 2 feet apart. Begin along with your feet in between the cones and run in an exceedingly figure eight round the cones. try and keep your steps short and fast. don’t overturn the cones. Perform this drill for one minute no end.

Get Tennis Specific

More tennis-specific exercises are incorporated, exercises that mirror the movement patterns of the sport as closely as attainable. To develop explosive power, it’s crucial that exercises are performed explosively. As a result, the resistances should be reduced. Lifting significant weights close to one rep Georgia home boy, will not permit the neural diversifications to require place that occur with fast, dynamic movement.

There are many totally different modes of power coaching – one in every of the foremost effective and wide used is plyometric coaching. Plyometrics helps to extend the speed of contraction, that successively helps generate additional powerful contractions. The result’s tougher shots and larger speed and acceleration round the court. For the lower body, plyometrics is extremely like jump coaching. For the higher body power, round heavy balls are one in every of the foremost effective coaching tools a participant will use.
Before you undertake a plyometric program, it is vital you have got a wonderful base of strength, don’t jump straight in!

As well as power, court game conjointly demands glorious strength endurance. throughout an extended rally, or perhaps a tricky game, the flexibility to use constant force over and over may be a live of your muscular endurance.
So during this part of the court game strength educational program it is vital to develop each explosive power AND strength endurance. this needs 3-4 sessions per week for 4-6 weeks and will be regular in order that the tip of the part happens even as the competitive season begins. To develop that broad fitness range. Circuit training may be the best method for an advanced tennis player to develop a multitude of fitness components.


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