Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Health and Weight Loss

Do you need more greens in your breakfast? I bet you can you squeeze some delicious shakes into your breakfast. I think you want a positive mentality, weight loss, and health boost in one drink too.Green smoothies are healthier than fruit or vegetable juices. Juices are extracted from fruit or vegetables, the fibre portion of […]

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The Split-Squat

Leg exercises can build muscles using bodyweight, dumbbells or barbell. For an overall ripped, lean body it’s important to know what muscles they work and how placing your hand on a stationary object can assist with balance. The split squat is frequently put into training programs to add strength and power to the lower body […]

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The Squat Movement

The goal of the squat exercise is to develop lower-body strength to build muscle or lose weight. Is the squat one of the most popular, practical and established lower-body exercises worldwide in the gym today? It can be one of the most difficult exercises to do correctly, except if you actually know what you’re doing. […]

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Aging Process Slower with a Healthy Lifestyle 1
Aging Process Slower with a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise may be the best anti-ageing pill You can slather on all the vitamin C and D serums and night creams, but a beautiful body and feeling younger stats can be obtained with a little change in your lifestyle. Summing it up, getting quality sleep, mindful eating and right exercise are critical elements to aging […]

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Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman 1984

Introduction to The Wonder Women Movie Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) is an upcoming theatrical superhero film scheduled to be released by Warner Brothers Pictures next year.In August, shooting on location in London: St. Andrew’s Place, Regent’s Park and the Royal College of Physicians. Production again came back to the UK in October, with filming on […]

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Weight Loss Ideas: Surprise your Lover this Valentine’s Day!

Weight loss ideas surprise your love on this Valentine’s Day! Are you worried about the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Don’t want to look shapeless or obese in front of your prince charming? Keep reading the article for healthy weight loss ideas to surprise your love! Although there are endless supplements, diet tips and meal replacement strategies […]

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3 of the Safest Ways to Refresh Your Eyes

In a normal day, you face long deskbound hours staring at your computer monitor. There are daily commutes and other stressful chores causing your eyes to scream for a relaxing bath. Many times we need a break to relax. In summer the side-effects of heat include body dehydration, dry eyes, and worse skin. Moreover, people […]

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Human Papilloma Virus in Lung Cancer Patients

Question: What steps would you need to take to develop an immunohistochemically method to identify Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in lung cancer tissue removed from a patient? ABSTRACTHuman Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a virus which infects the skin, and particularly moist membranes lining the body. Evidence that HPV may be correlated with the development of […]

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Health and Stress

Introduction: Health and Stress It was interesting to learn was how stress can have a negative impact of the body, and how it evolved because of flight-fight response. Our bodies are intended to respond to our condition with an end goal to safeguard homeostasis. However it was new to me to learn that the Autonomic […]

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Ageing and Disease: Alzheimer’s

Introduction to Alzheimer’s Research I recently attended a lecture regarding an ANTI-AGEING PLAN that help retain youthfulness in middle-aged adults. As a big enthusiast of cutting-edge science, I found the lecture on ageing and processes highly interesting and very useful. The central nervous system (CNS) is generally overlooked as more superficial aspects of our body, […]

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