Green Tea, Exercise and Weight Loss

The herbal beverage, tea, el té, chai, caj, herbata or arbata, has been cultivated for centuries, starting in India and China. Today, tea is considered the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Billions of people drink the herbal infusion, and scientific readings put forward that green tea in specific has many benefits to […]

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High-percentage of People in London Struggling 1
High-percentage of People in London Struggling

Did you recognise that 92% of exercisers didn’t achieve the results they want? Realistically, are you among them?  I’m energetically writing, within the fitness industry, to change people’s lifestyles by making them aware them of skills and tools they already have to achieve excellence. Health and fitness easily transfers to your personal lifestyle as a whole and ensures success in […]

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3 Potential benefits of flowers for our psychological health 3
3 Potential benefits of flowers for our psychological health

Engages the senses, lifts the mood, increases energy and creativity As we navigate through the rose garden of life, it’s a widely known secret that there are times we need a bunch of flowers, a touch of colour to supply pleasing aromas and vibrant color combinations. What scientists have discovered is that surrounding yourself with […]

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RECIPE: Tuna Pasta 4
RECIPE: Tuna Pasta

“Here’s my super-quick supper idea” – Italian tuna garlic pasta is a tasty, good-fat, pasta dish and high in protein. A light meal that can be eaten in the afternoon, rustled up in less than 20-minutes. Pulling flavour from fresh ingredients, so the flavor is always healthy, or tins and packets in the storecupboard. It’s […]

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What is EMS Fitness Training? 5
What is EMS Fitness Training?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) involves wearing electrodes that transmit impulses to the body to make muscles contract. Using EMS fitness, for a quick 20-minute workout to typically acquire the modern equivalent of 90 breathless minutes of high-intensity training. Enthusiastically embraced by many Olympic athletes, EMS can be typically added to your current workout schedule or used solely for one […]

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The London MARATHON 6

The London Marathon began on 29 March 1981, inspired by the legend of an ancient Greek messenger, a heroic 26.2-mile mission means that applicants need all the support they can get to become super fit. Stamina is the ability to be astoundingly fast, over long distances, and bouncing solidly over the finish line. Bringing a collection […]

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Diet and Health Issues

Olivia joined the track team in her first year of university. She trained hard, became a lean, strong sprinter. Sports and exercise are a sensible choice and people who play sports are healthier; get better exam results, and are happier as a result. They refrain from the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs as they […]

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How to Pack Lunch for Weight Loss

You become what you eat, who you eat with and that decides what shapes you. Pack your own lunch to make calorie cutting easier. Want to pack a nutritious punch for you at lunchtime? Packed lunches are healthy and tasty to eat. To keep your diet on point, improve overall nutrition intake, and cut calories […]

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What is Wall Ball?

Introduction to Wall Ball Wallball, recognised as Irish / American handball. Or in the UK, a version of ‘wallball’ called Fives (Eton or Rugby). Players strike a small rubber ball against a wall using only their hands. The three versions are four-wall, three-wall and one-wall. 1 Wall Ball The United States Wall Ball Association Inc. […]

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‘Tech Neck’ Can Turn Your Good Posture into Bad Posture

Ever found yourself trying to force your body into a ‘perfect’ posture? Your body is now in perfect alignment and your spine can maintain its natural curvature, unstrained, right? Just so you know, a good posture always starts from the centre of the body. Good posture is affected by and affects your breathing, whereby there’s […]

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