Legs and bums enhancing secrets 1
Legs and bums enhancing secrets

Can’t get motivated to work out your legs and bum? Try thinking about all the energy you’ll have afterward. Whatever the daily activity, having a strong walk, tight bum, and firm legs. A personal trainer will help you make the most of your workout. Legs toning exercises Here’s the thing: exercises for the legs are a […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat

Belly Fat and Weight Loss A toned tummy with all the sexy lines going through it. Let’s do the Math on that: You need 1500-2000 daily calories to survive. An exercise session burns between 150-400 calories. Now, the amount you actually ingest. Change your lifestyle and you will lose the belly.  Simple arithmetic. Exercise for Fat Burning […]

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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits 2
Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Indulge in Dark Chocolate A healthy snack of pure chocolate. Proven to greatly benefit your health, taken in moderation, dark chocolate bars have a higher cocoa content, increasing the positive processes of cocoa in the body. Dark Chocolate’s Antioxidants Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds (polyphenols, flavanols, catechins) that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. […]

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Exercise: You Can Make Time for a Stay at Home workout 3
Exercise: You Can Make Time for a Stay at Home workout

For 30 minutes a day, use this time to have a personal training exercise session. Reports from TV Licensing reveal that adults in London think they watch an average of less than 20 hours of TV a week, or around three hours a day, but official statistics show the true average in 2010 was more than 30 hours a week, or over 4 hours a day. The London government‘s recommendation for Adults is just 30 minutes of moderate activity, five days a week. Set your alarm for morning exercise.Get up a little brighter in London. Get your personal trainer, on time, to give you some exercise in the morning for jump start first thing, the sight of the sun rising around […]

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Try Personal Training for Free

If you are new to Emstar Personal Training then we are happy to offer you a free week of trial sessions at your home or park. This is your opportunity to try one of our sessions for free and find out more about the services we offer. Usually, a complimentary trial workout is given to every prospective client. This includes completing a medical […]

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London Personal Trainers

London Personal Trainers If you want to become lighter, get healthy and get a six pack, to find a London Personal Trainers can be a step in the right direction. Your personal-trainer in London can help you set up a program that exceeds your goals and teaches you the best way to become fit and […]

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How to Lose Weight: Faster 4
How to Lose Weight: Faster

How to lose weight faster with a personal trainer We’re here to help you lose weight faster! Knowing how to lose weight can take time, energy and understanding. Choose exercises, use correct weight, exercise for the correct amount of time. You may quit before you even begin because it’s quite overwhelming. A personal trainer can be the biggest assistance, […]

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Liver and Kidneys Cleanse for a Healthy Body

Are you ready to regain your health by flushing toxins from your Liver and Kidneys? Cleanse Naturally. Toxins held in the skin, hair, the digestive system, lymph system, or gastrointestinal system. After consumption of caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, medications etc. the toxins stay in the body. Problematic symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, and a wide range of […]

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7 Real Tips for Warming up with Weights

Warm-up: 7 Tips for Exercise Preparation Starting promptly with an immense weight lifting session.  But something’s missing. You’re not in the zone yet…try a focused warm-up. Where do you start?  Warm-up Advice for Beginners Skimping on your warmup can put you behind a month if injured during your session. Most people encounter an injury during the first 15 minutes of an extraordinary session due to not having a good warm up routine. You may be unclear on how to get your whole body and target muscles ready for lifting heavy weights to achieve maximum muscle growth, […]

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