Fitbit Charge 3 Review 1

Fitbit Charge 3 Review

With a flick of the wrist, you’ll awaken The Fitbit Charge 3, activating metrics just like the modern time, step count, or resting pulse. A trendy design aesthetically sleek streamlined design. A touchscreen display, good intensity of harmonic notification vibrations. Check this out, Fitbit Charge 3 has excellent 7 day battery life!

This Charge 3 is waterproof, right down to 50 standard metres. With a special addition, swim mode, you’ll track laps in reasonable distances within the swimming pool.
A fitness tracker that’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, plus easily interchangeable watch straps, so merely purchasing the soft, silicone, breathable (air holes) band for the local gym because the standard one is just too firm to mold to our wrists. You can buy this one below for the gym.

We’ve been informed that people with bigger wrists realistically are directed to the Fitbit Charge 4, best for outdoor exercise, as GPS is inbuilt. You’ll it wear comfortably all day with excellent battery life, but presenting it with formal wear is cautiously pushing the social boundaries!