Exercise: You Can Make Time For a Treat in London

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Exercise is your most important duty, and also the hardest to find time for in London. Exercise is more powerful than drugs for most health conditions. If you cannot find time for exercise, here are 7 tips to help you in the direction of exercise.


Finding time to exercise in London

Turn off all technology

For 30 minutes a day, use this time to have a personal training exercise session. Reports from TV Licensing reveal that adults in London think they watch an average of less than 20 hours of TV a week, or around three hours a day, but official statistics show the true average in 2010 was more than 30 hours a week, or over 4 hours a day. The London government’s recommendation for Adults is just 30 minutes of moderate activity, five days a week.

Set your alarm for morning exercise

Get up a little brighter in London

Get your personal trainer, on time, to give you some exercise in the morning for jump start first thing,  the sight of the sun rising around West London, Kew, Richmond TW9, Chiswick w4, Kensington W8 will uplift you for a brighter day. The increased oxygen will revive you in the morning and give your body a jump-start. Your personal trainer will give you the motivation to steam ahead.

 Exercise during lunch with Personal Trainer

London ‘Runch’ Time

Swap your London work-bag for a gym-bag as you leave the office for lunch, head straight for the personal trainer in London. Exercise is a great stress reliever and an intense whole body workout can be completed in 30 minutes leaving you time for a quick bite or a small lunch (runch) or dinner. Plus, you can save money too, because a 30 minute session will cost half the price.  Unless you want to miss lunch, and go for the standard 60 minute session.

Exercise with friends in London

Meet you friends in London

Find those friends who are willing to enjoy exercise and go for a double or triple personal training session in London, you save money too because it will be half or a third of the price for each person. Every action, just a 30 minute workout, can put you on a positive path to better health.

In a London study of 200 people, researchers checked who was doing physical activity at random times of the day. About 107 people reported one period of exercise a day, over the 7 days. People doing exercise were happier overall when they were with their partner, friends or personal trainer compared to people exercising alone, according to the findings. Exercising outdoors, in green parks and around hilly areas, was the most popular setting for exercise.

For a birthday surprise

Treat them

Buy someone special a personal training gift card. Whenever the occasion, treat your friends or family members to a Personal Trainer gift voucher and help them boost their healthy lifestyle. Personal Trainer gift vouchers are available for birthday-themed training sessions and fun nutrition consultations. With goodie bags, custom cakes and healthy party food. You can join in too, giving you some fun fitness time with person of your choice.

Email us with your requirements and we can create a personalised birthday gift package for you and your partner.

Stay at home

If you don’t feel like going anywhere

Have a home workout with your personal trainer in London. There’s strength in numbers, the old saying goes, and that holds true for exercising. Social support encourages healthier living. An trainer makes support even more personal. If you decide to become active, having a personal trainer may help you achieve and maintain that goal.

Remember: by not captivating the time to exercise now you are single-handily reducing the quality of your life.