rain-exerciseEvery Rain Drop Makes Me Cooler, Faster, Stronger!

The summer rain may not wash away pain, but it can certainly wash away sweat and keep you cool during hot and intense summer workouts. You can push yourself further and get more intensity from your workout. A cooler environment means less perceived exertion, so you will working harder and doing more good than what it feels like.

You can burn off a little more energy too as your body encounters a different weather condition. You activate more smaller muscles groups – rain usually creates slippery surfaces, which your body compensates for. Have you noticed how focused you become in the rain? Your focus will probably be on getting out of the rain, meaning you will get your workout done faster.  All athletes need to be physically and mentally tough – training in bad weather is just another way to build mental strength, focus and resilience. When it’s pouring with rain, popular exercise areas can suddenly become empty offering much more freedom and space to exercise with certain satisfaction once the rain has stopped.

Finishing a workout in the rain knowing that a lot of others simply wouldn’t have bothered give you a great reason to smile

Outdoor Clothes

It helps to have breathable fabrics that allow air circulation within your clothes. Protection against rain in the form of water proofing is a great idea.

Outdoor Shoes

The rain change so many aspects of your workout outdoors that it can create a melodrama if you are not prepared. Wearing shoes that have plenty of grip will stop you from slipping as the grass, floor and other surfaces become annoying when you can’t stay up.

Resources you will need for exercising in the rain:

  • Drinking Water
  • Water-resistant clothing
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Waterproof hat
  • And maybe some sports lube