Your Core in Daily Motion

If you look down at your to-do list you may find that most of the tasks in your day are highly sedentary. You may avoid walking or climbing the stairs at all costs. Meaning you are not involving your whole body, so it’s slowly loses its function. As the core is, and always has been, the foundation or all your daily actions it functions according to your daily patterns of movement.


If you now look down at your waistline you may be able to see the effects of the inactivity. This inactivity means that certain core muscle become dormant and just will not fire when you need them to.

You can invigorate you core muscles on a regular basis. With our qualified personal trainer, each session will stimulate the core muscles in a unique way.

The true natural ability of your core muscles can be embraced and invigorated by exercise. Conversely, each day you are not exercising is a chance for the core muscles to kick back into a lazy state. Your control over the core muscle will lessen slowly and steadily without you noticing.

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