Positive Change

Push harder today if you want a different tomorrow. We exercise and it makes us feel enthusiastic, naturally #beautiful and #inspired.

Do You Love Exercise?

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I was the one who loved Physical Education (PE) lessons, who always came top 3 in the 800 meters on sports day no matter who the competition was. And who, after leaving school, jumped at any form of exercise, studied sports science and kept playing sports for the next 10 years.  A trip to the gym confirmed that working out in the gym is OK, a little boring, and not so easy to stick to when the chips are down. Working out at home is more convenient but still hard to keep at it when your favourite movie is on. But training outdoors with a personal trainer is GREAT – it’s fun, no distractions, and easy to stick to! Although, running fast was HARD. Everything hurt. Everything felt sore. My technique was all wrong. I got pain in my shins. I managed just two minutes of running before I had to stop. I found it hard to stick to regular exercise. You need to exercise for sport, not do sport as a form of exercise because you’ll get injured quickly. I needed to change something, and fast!

Inverted Rows

Let’s Run! The Training Begins.

I started running. I hired a personal coach to teach me the basics and push me harder than I could myself. I kept finding it refreshing and kept loving all forms of exercise. Spiriting, running, jumping, lifting with proper form was so freeing. I felt strong, powerful and a sense of freedom like learning to drive. But, I was driving my body, and it felt amazing. Soon after, exercise and general running became much easier and so enjoyable.

Need a New Exercise Experience?

Now, we take our exercise shoes on holiday. Yes, we speed-run across mountain tops, run barefoot and carefree down the sandy beach, and run races and set goals and train hard to meet them. Exercise has shown me I can do more than I ever thought possible and I want to share that feeling with others. Let’s us help you learn to love exercise and meet your running and fitness goals.

Fancy Starting Now?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to run – whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter or de-stress – start to enjoy running through learning the correct technique, which is fundamental. If you learn the right way to do something you’re more probable to keep doing it. 

In those 3 sessions each week, you’re creating a good habit. We all partake in creating our own bad habits: late nights, a few too many beers or glasses of wine, regular morning sugar eating sessions (breakfast), lounging on the sofa watching meaningless television programmes. During this time of year, everyone and their mothers are busy trying to change the bad habits for the summer. I can hear you whispering, “But…I don’t really have to exercise 3 times a week, right?” Well, you don’t have to do anything. It’s a free country.

Before You Give Up on Exercise

Firstly, some questions: Do you sleep every night? You eat healthily? You shower, and you brush your teeth daily? So what happens if you don’t sleep for a couple of nights? What if you decide to not shower anymore? Avoid a few meals? I think we can all agree, what happens isn’t very attractive, for anyone.

Then you step beneath that sprinkling warm water after you wake up from a good night’s sleepy-time, whilst you brush away the mistiness from your body, you feel revitalized and re-energized.

Exercise does the same for the rest of your body. A lot more.