Choose a personal trainer who has a passion for formulating individual client results. We have now developed super-effective figure sculpting exercise programs for you too! A personal trainer is a superb investment in your health and for your weight loss goals. By boosting weight-loss and increasing your self-confidence, you have a greater chance of significantly increasing your energy levels. This will dramatically help your body create more energy for your fun activities.

We’re Highly Trained to be Competent Fitness Professionals:

  • Passionate about health and fitness
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Have degree-level fitness knowledge
  • Passionate about you getting into hot summer shape
  • Enthuse passion for exercise and weight loss

We specialise in weight loss and weight management. We can also help you train with essential sports and running techniques, and help with basic diet and nutrition.

Your personal trainer will make certain that you get the maximum achievement from each training session, by being well-organised, proficient and energetic.

We train client all over Kensington: Earl’s Court, Holland Park, Notting Hill, Bayswater to reach their maximum fitness potential.

With Emstar Personal Training you will be provided with the highest level of personal training alongside the latest health and lifestyle services. Being an exclusive client you will always receive the best personal training advice. We support you to push your limitations of confidence, belief, desire and wholehearted acceptance in what you are doing for success in weight loss as these ingredients will ensure that you never stop running the second mile. You can be assured that all trainers possess great passion and knowledge about health and fitness and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with a service tailored uniquely for you. Clients need to be prepared for things to not always work out as planned when things become unpredictable, it is necessary to be prepared to stay fully motivated to succeed. Specific training programmes include kickboxing, kettlebells and efficient & effective core weight loss & toning. Failure must not be feared but should be a warning from which you remember – persistence is essential. Determination, however, must be coupled with an excellent personal trainer. To really succeed in the long term, you need to make sure that the people around you are successful in weight loss too. Considering the wishes of others will encourage them to continue working Complacency is your enemy: No matter how successful you are, you should never rest on your laurels. Every year you should be wondering how to replicate or build on the success of the year before.

You need accountability and motivation. That’s certainly what you’ll get. Whether it’s for one session, weekly, or monthly sessions; scheduling systematic appointments with a personal trainer helps remove any barriers you might put up to avoid exercising and working out on a regular basis. Get in contact today and make the first step. We’ll contact you, just request a call-back. We’ll answer your queries. Be a winner and get started today!

Yes, we do. Your personal trainer will be educated so they can help you with a vast knowledge of about the body and what it’s capable of through fitness, weight loss and exercise. Your personal trainer will act as a role model and your main source of motivation and encouragement. We have qualified, insured and experienced personal trainers are ready to get your lungs going for the first time.

Transform with a personal trainer by your side. Outline your fitness transformation goals. By looking at your current fitness level, we can discuss what you want to achieve through your workouts. While you may have some idea of the goals you want to set, a professional is able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic and develop a realistic and achievable strategy to reach and conquer your goals. Healthy Lifestyle. We’re always on hand to keep you on track with your weight loss and fitness goals

Kensington Areas Covered

• Notting Hill
• Bayswater
• Belgravia
• Brompton
• Chelsea
• Earl’s Court
• Holland Park
• Kensal Town
• Kensington • South Kensington • North Kensington• West Kensington
• Knightsbridge
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