Thank you for visiting Emstar Personal Training today. Welcome, as a qualified Personal Trainer in Boston Manor– NVQ Level 3/ Sports Science Degree/ with 10 years of experience in coaching and personal training I can match your goals with the right workout.


Whether your goals are to:

  • Lose Suborn Weight,
  • Tone Up,
  • Get Sport Specific,
  • or Increase General Health & Wellbeing,

I will personally train you in the most effective way to get the results you want and deserve. My sessions are fun, fun, fun but also testing and dynamic.

You’ve tried the big gyms and you’ve given up. Then why don’t you take an advantage of outdoor training with us while the weather is great!

That is the best way to get in shape and get the attention you deserve. The studio is equipped with top-notch fitness equipment, which will help you experience one of the best training sessions you have ever had.
You are sure you want to change your life style and start exercising, please take your time to decide. In general it does not matter how long it will take as long as you become totally motivated.

Finally I have more than two decades of experience in the fitness industry and I do not compromise on the quality of my services. If that sounds like you then do not hesitate and give me a call to inquire my services.