Developing The Back Muscles

Doing pull ups can be difficult if you are a beginner. That’s why back muscles can be developed slowly and carefully.


Grip also needs to be developed as holding your body weight can be difficult too.  Try changing grip: overhand/ underhand and wide/ narrow grips.

Secondary Muscles

The biceps will be involved in most back exercises, so you can either train them after or tire them first to get more of back workout. Back muscles are hard to come by so developing a gorgeous back will be a great talking point when the shirts come off.

The V Shape

By hitting the back from every angle by doing lots of back exercises you can create a V shape in the back with your muscle, this is well sought after by body building professionals.

Be Persistent

Like all exercise you must keep working on it. If when you can’t notice the results after your first heavy back workout. They develop slowly and grow beautifully. Just be patient.