If you are fortunate enough to have tried the 6 types of Chinese tea then you will have experienced the benefits. Chinese tea is said to be very healthy for your internal organs by cleansing. This healthiness will radiate through your skin.

The Chinese tea comes in 6 different types.

tea-typesThe 6 types of tea are:  black, white, yellow, green, oolong and pu’er.

They are then cultivated into sub-varieties which are enjoyed in many forms. Each one is cultivated by the farmers and producers in different ways.

The tea comes from a plant, the tea plant, camellia sinensis.

Tea is then blended from different estates to make the tea taste the same year in year out.

Green tea is made from the buds and first two leaves of the plant it is quickly brought back to the tea production area where it’s with it a little while under the sun and then expand. The reason why they plan this it’s because it needs to be cooked with certain temperature.

Oolong Tea was at one point debated to be a Green Tea or Black Tea.

White tea, a delicate tea type, is named “White Tea” because of the time it’s leaves are picked. This is because the leaves are picked while they are buds and the buds have “tiny white hairs”. It isthen oxidized to make this Tea.

Yellow tea is a very rare tea count. It comes in a lesser percentage and is not known by many people, so shhhh, it’s a secret. Yellow tea in ancient times was reserved only for The Empress. The reason for that is because yellow is the colour of The Empress of ancient China. The method to make yellow tea was actually lost for around 100 years and re discovered in the 1970s and since they started to use Yellow tea in China small quantities and now it’s still considered something special however the empress of China have been replaced by The Politician’s.