RECIPE: Tuna Pasta 1

RECIPE: Tuna Pasta

“Here’s my super-quick supper idea” – Italian tuna garlic pasta is a tasty, good-fat, pasta dish and high in protein. A light meal that can be eaten in the afternoon, rustled up in less than 20-minutes. Pulling flavour from fresh ingredients, so the flavor is always healthy, or tins and packets in the storecupboard. It’s clean ingredients make it delightfully healthy, and quick for a snack to serve between 2-5 people and 280-560 calories


  • 45-120g whole wheat pasta (dry or fresh)
  • 1 clove of garlic or 1-3 tsp of garlic granules
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil
  • 100-200g fresh or tinned tuna
  • 1 tablespoon fresh parsley or spinach (chopped)
  • 25-50g of your favourite cheese
  • Salt and pepper


Boil a saucepan of salted water, add the uncooked pasta, keep boiling until al dente.
Prep your other ingredients while it cooks – crush the garlic, get the tuna ready and chop the herbs.
Add the oil to a small pan over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add the garlic and cook it for 30 seconds, adding the tuna, sprinkle herbs. Let it heat through.
Drain pasta, leaving you with a steaming pan of pasta and toss with the rest of the dish.
Sprinkle with cheese, herbs and garlic salt.


Engage Your Core Ready For Fat Burning

If you look down at your to-do list you may find that most of the tasks in your day are highly sedentary (not good for your health). You may avoid walking or climbing the stairs at all costs. This means you are bypassing physical activity in your day. Not involving your whole body, so it’s slowly loses its function-ability. As the core is, and always has been, the foundation or all your daily actions it functions according to your daily patterns of movement.
If you now look down at your waistline you may be able to see the effects of the inactivity. This inactivity means that certain core muscle become dormant and just will not fire when you need them to. What this does is: leaves the core muscles to become ever weaker, allows the internal organs to push out, and makes other muscle overcompensate. This causes lots of unnecessary pain and strain.

Invigoration Time

You can invigorate you core muscles on a regular basis. With our qualified personal trainer, each session will stimulate the core muscles in a unique way.
The ability of your core muscle can be embraced by exercise. But, each day you are not exercising is a chance for the core muscles to kick back into a lazy state. Your control over the core muscle will lessen slowly and steadily without you noticing.

Use Your Core Function, Every Day.

The core plays a key role in everyday biological functions as you perform numerous core-related movements. Although, you may not be giving the core enough stimulus to become stronger and perform at its full potential. More or less 80-90% of the grown-up general public endure lower back torment.
Within your occupation-based task such as sitting at a desk for long periods, or carrying a tray, place physical demand on your core. Sitting down triggers pain in your lower back because sitting places a greater strain on your spine than standing up or walking. Core training can promote relaxation and spine tension relief.

Tight Core, Tight Waist

Tight core muscles together create an internal pressure within the abdomen cavity, holding the internal organs in place. The core muscles, intercostal muscles, diaphragm help with the expulsion of air, containing waste gases, from the lungs.
Throughout you body’s trunk, the core is the body’s ‘powerhouse’ a central region providing strength and connectivity. The core is not only your set of abdominals and lower-back; the core is all of your trunk muscles (glutes, abs, mid-back, latissimi dorsa, shoulders, chest, etc.) The muscles are attached to the ribs, sternum, arms, spine, and hips transfer the force through the body to create clean, crisp and efficient movement patterns.
The core has a unique way of establishing power production, control and rotational power in one movement. Any sports move you can think of involves the core at some point.
The obvious advantages for you to create lean muscle in this area is slimmer hips, tighter waist, six pack abs, and toned tummy area. These all help with nicely fitting clothes.


Goji Berries

The goji berry is an edible fruit, associated with many health benefits. It’s labelled a “superfood”, ‘weight loss friendly’ and packed with many vitamins, minerals and very powerful antioxidants. Goji berries naturally have a high protein content, 30g serving adequately provides 10% of daily protein intake, for a berry that’s a preciously surprising amount of protein.  

Concentrated potential benefits seem to be associated with the juice or purified extracts. Both have greater levels of active compounds. Fresh or dried goji berries can be traditionally eaten rawly, cooked, or dried. Goji berries are usually eaten in their dehydrated form in rice or porridge.

Goji berry extract helps to boost the immune system by naturally increasing the white blood cells (lymphocytes) responsible for sufficiently protecting the active body from harmful bacteria and infectious viruses.

In traditional medicine, the whole fruit or its concentrated extracts are justly said to undoubtedly have numerous positive health effects. Diabetes, mild hypertension, mild fever, and age-related concerns can be treated humanely with goji berries.

Therefore, adding goji berry juice into your proper diet enhances your antioxidant power, improving blood sugar control, helping with weight lossfighting aging and protecting against cancer.


Watermelon helps slice recovery time

Watermelon is a beautiful fruit consisting of 90% water. It’s full of vitamins minerals, and amino acid, organic compounds including:

  • vitamin C
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • protein
  • potassium
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B6
  • niacin
  • thiamin
  • carotenoids
  • phytonutrients – lycopene!
  • L-citrulline

The refreshing watermelon juice squeezed from the summer fruit has gained resounding status amongst athletes at boosting performance. It keeps your body hydrated, healthy and great for your skin quality.

Does L-citrulline reduce muscle soreness?

Yes, it has been researched and found that it significantly reduces muscle soreness after exercise. Now scientists have found evidence that, In addition to being a favourite summer fruit,it can relieve post-exercise muscle soreness after hearty exercise. Watermelon juice’s status amongst athletes is receiving scientific support.

Watermelon contains carbohydrates and amino acid L-citrulline. Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid and is processed by the body to:

  • healthy heart and blood vessels
  • boost the immune system
  • relaxes the blood vessels
  • improves blood flow.
  • increase blood flow to muscles.
  • antioxidant properties
  • potential to increase muscle protein
  • enhance athletic performance.
  • relieved muscle soreness
Watermelon is Good for You

This is good news for athletes and everyone else! Watermelon is incredibly good for you. Eat the juicy watermelon, very low in calories, so good for your diet. A pleasantly sweet way to rehydrate in hot summer UK weather when mixed with lemon or lime juice. These results are amazingly surprising but true.
For you people cannot access a fresh watermelon, particularly in the cold, dark winter months, citrulline is available in supplement form, capsuled, tableted or powdered. But, you maybe will find it sliced up all year round.

Photo Credit Contribution – Ed Ivanushkin


Benefits of Oolong Tea in Losing Weight with Exercise

Oolong Tea Properties

Oolong tea is a distinctively light tea.  Amber in colour – almost golden. It tastes great, looks scrumptious and is a delicious hot drink for a pre-workout in the winter months.

With Exercise and Weight Loss

Oolong tea helps you to burn more calories.
Drink a cup of oolong tea 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your walk, workout or yoga session. This will bring in the full benefits it can offer.
Drink oolong later in the day to fight off afternoon sweet cravings and energy slumps.
Oolong tea will help with healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Oolong teas facilitate in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, it raises the plasma levels and diminishes the risk of diabetes, coronary artery disease, and obesity.


Chinese Tea

If you are fortunate enough to have tried the 6 types of Chinese tea then you will have experienced the benefits. Chinese tea is said to be very healthy for your internal organs by cleansing. This healthiness will radiate through your skin.

The Chinese tea comes in 6 different types.

tea-typesThe 6 types of tea are:  black, white, yellow, green, oolong and pu’er.

They are then cultivated into sub-varieties which are enjoyed in many forms. Each one is cultivated by the farmers and producers in different ways.

The tea comes from a plant, the tea plant, camellia sinensis.

Tea is then blended from different estates to make the tea taste the same year in year out.

Chinese Tea 2

Green tea is made from the buds and first two leaves of the plant it is quickly brought back to the tea production area where it’s with it a little while under the sun and then expand. The reason why they plan this it’s because it needs to be cooked with certain temperature.

Oolong Tea was at one point debated to be a Green Tea or Black Tea.

White tea, a delicate tea type, is named “White Tea” because of the time it’s leaves are picked. This is because the leaves are picked while they are buds and the buds have “tiny white hairs”. It isthen oxidized to make this Tea.

Yellow tea is a very rare tea count. It comes in a lesser percentage and is not known by many people, so shhhh, it’s a secret. Yellow tea in ancient times was reserved only for The Empress. The reason for that is because yellow is the colour of The Empress of ancient China. The method to make yellow tea was actually lost for around 100 years and re discovered in the 1970s and since they started to use Yellow tea in China small quantities and now it’s still considered something special however the empress of China have been replaced by The Politician’s.

Weight Loss: Complicated? 3

Weight Loss: Complicated?

Weight loss is on everybody’s mind at the moment. This is because it’s important for our health to control our waist line. Food can be really really tempting sometimes, and we do tend cave in to cravings easily. But, you can burn these excess calories off with your personal trainer easily too in a high intensity interval training session (HIITS).

That’s the thing people say they don’t have time for.

The reason your brain is telling you there’s no time for exercise is because it’s trying to conserve calories. You probably ate too many empty calories. And you probably didn’t eat enough good food so you’re maybe feeling guilty and have stopped eating for the day. So by making the wrong food choices you have in essence:

  • starved your body of vital nutrients
  • have no energy left for exercise
  • are feeling low about yourself
  • will probably do the same again tomorrow

Stop the cycle here. We can help you break the weight gain cycle. Just give us a call for an initial consultation. We will discuss any concerns you may have and start you on a weight loss exercise program-me to better yourself.


Boost your Energy with a Personal Trainer

Ready to work out in Acton?

Delegate the hard work of creating fitness routines, motivating yourself, and creating diet plan.   A personal trainer in Acton will be a sensible arrangement and a considerable measure of top to bottom sessions will encourage astounding results.

Motivation to Get There

Discovering the right Personal Trainer in Acton will uplift your well being and energy. Getting supervised practice is normally straightforward once you are thinking of it for the long run. We keep an eye on your form and posture. You think you can’t go any more? You will be advised to “hold for another minute” or do “10 more reps.” You do it, and reach better results because of it. Trust the process: eat clean, trust yourself, make good choices, be patient with yourself, work hard.

What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer ought to be, at any rate, certified in instructing exercise sessions. He will push you past your comfort zone- -something hard to do all alone. A personal trainer additionally gives:

• Guidance on coming to your objectives

• Education about quality preparing, cardio and fundamental nourishment

• A motivation to exercise every week

• Accountability

• Ways to help keep tabs on your development

How long is a Personal Training Session?

Every session ordinarily keeps going around 60 minutes. The initially meeting is committed to evaluating wellness level, body estimations, activity and wellbeing history and objectives. Be arranged to venture on the scale, have your muscle to fat ratio ratios tried and answer particular inquiries concerning your objectives. After that, you’ll spend every session doing cardio, weight preparing, adaptability or other

Exercises relying upon what your objectives are. Your mentor will demonstrate to you best practices to do the activities, you make sense of the amount of weight to utilise and issue you pointers for getting the most out of every activity.

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there will be success.


Apples for Weight Loss

Apples are an English Delight

In England, apple rambling is looking for the perfect sized apple. We love to gather crisp apples and chomp them. Fresh off the bushy tree in our London garden. Yet, apples are so ordinary that they’re almost disregarded, brushed off, for glitzier superfruits, such as blueberries and pomegranates.

The importance of eating apples for weight loss.

Apples are low in fat, calories and sodium. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre which are so helpful for a person trying to lose weight successfully. The fibre contained in apples expands in the stomach and fills you up without the extra calories.

For exercise, the vitamins and minerals in apples boost fitness and energy. This can help you to burn more calories.
Green apples are fast becoming a common health craze as people stock up.  A green apple can be eaten by itself or can even be consumed in juice, tea or dessert form. Eating apples regularly is a great way to lose weight.

Benefits of Eating Apples

  • Boosts Weight Loss
  • Easy Snack for Weight Watchers
  • Healthy and Versatile
  • Children love them sliced up
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Helps you to lose weight faster
  • Makes you feel more full

Apples are perfect for lunch boxes.

So remember, an apple a day keep the fat away!


Exercise: How to Focus on Weight Loss

Paying attention to the words you think and say.

Firstly, you daily affirmations (the words your repeat to yourself) have incredible power. Every time you think or say something, sometimes instinctively, you are affirming to yourself that it’s true. Because IF you don’t think you’re going have a successful weight loss journey, you have already talked yourself out of it. So, it may be a little harder for you, because you only have yourself to convince. If you’re seriously struggling with setting goals high enough, you may have mental or emotional block. Often these can be cleared up by changing your daily affirmations to more positive ones.

Have a Role Model

We all need something to work towards. If we know someone else can do it, then we are more likely to see it as believable in our mind. So working from the notion that it’s possible, we already have a positive start. A personal trainer is a great role model because they can also guide you along the way.

Staying in Control During Your Weight Loss Journey.

To stay in control of your eating habits and energy levels you really need to plan ahead. Know what you’ll be eating for the week and make sure that it’s healthy.

If things get out of control stop, breathe and refocus your mind.

  1. Say stop. In your mind, shout “STOP!” or “NO, we are not accepting that way of thinking again!” as soon as feelings of this kind starts to spin in your head.
  2. Breathe. After you have disrupted the thoughts by shouting stop sit down and just be still. Breathe with your belly and focus on just your in-breaths and out-breaths for a minute or two to calm your mind and body down.
  3. Refocus. Realign your thoughts with your goals. Is what you are doing now helping you to achieve the future fitness goal you have set for yourself? Write down your goals again and spend some more time planning. Maybe by talking to someone close to you for a grounded perspective on your situation may help too.