February is Fantastic : Are You Ready for Change?

Be in harmony with February’s slightly warming weather as a glimmer of hope with the days gradually getting longer and the earliest glimpses of spring emergent from the ground, it can feel like a miracle. Daylight definitively lifts the mood. Positive to focus on and will galvanise you into action. exciting and meaningful plans for […]

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Personal Fitness Development 1
Personal Fitness Development

Personal development refers to those activities that improve your potential to improve your present situation and your future self. Personal development is an important aspect of life with many far reaching benefits and results in more happiness for you. When looking at personal growth somehow we have forgotten that our most essential asset is our […]

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Laughter Yoga in London 2
Laughter Yoga in London

Laughter Yoga is a real thing. About Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga is a fun-filled way of exercising. To lift your mood and leave you feeling energised. The result hopefully leaves you calm and relaxed. Based on scientific research and substantial evidence stating that the body reacts the same whether it be real or simulated laughter! […]

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7 Things Highly Successful People Do Before 9AM for Productivity

There is power & productivity in your first moments of dawn The hour of power & productivity, could the most tranquil and productive time in your day. Discover a new natural beauty through starting your day in a healthy setting in your morning.  Great accomplishment comes from the early morning start, stemming from the healthy person […]

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Exercise: How to Focus on Weight Loss

Paying attention to the words you think and say. Firstly, you daily affirmations (the words your repeat to yourself) have incredible power. Every time you think or say something, sometimes instinctively, you are affirming to yourself that it’s true. Because IF you don’t think you’re going have a successful weight loss journey, you have already talked […]

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How to Wake Up Early to do Exercise

Dear Morning People, What are you smiling about at 6am? Do you really relish dawn? Do you not ever get up and recollect all the things you’ve got to try to today, and you simply wish to cover up in the covers and not come back out? That feeling is only too well-known, fortunately you […]

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