Kickboxing: beginners learn to improve technique 2020 1
Kickboxing: beginners learn to improve technique 2020

Envision yourself – kickboxing workouts are making a comeback in 2020 so get your gloves ready to start martial arts fighting gallantly, brutal tactics, a kickboxing success sparring in the enchanted mirror, ready to fiercely attack, at this fundamental point you realistically are your own opponent. What is Kickboxing? Kickboxing by tradition incorporates a blend of boxing […]

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Harry Styles keeps fitness high 2
Harry Styles keeps fitness high

Harry Styles, undoubtedly a top musician, is practising the piano, playing the guitar and laboriously writing  handwritten lyrics for you. Harry Styles has efficiently been is adjusting under quarantine, so he’s staying active.  To stop instantly the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, he’s in isolation, trying to hold some sort of routine, to stay positive and stay productive. Famous for his tattooed body, during the coronavirus outbreak he is aware most of the world is self-quarantining and striving to reach the fitness goals he’s set: “Staying admirably fit is […]

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Green Tea, Exercise and Weight Loss

The herbal beverage, tea, el té, chai, caj, herbata or arbata, has been cultivated for centuries, starting in India and China. Today, tea is considered the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Billions of people drink the herbal infusion, and scientific readings put forward that green tea in specific has many benefits to […]

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High-percentage of People in London Struggling 3
High-percentage of People in London Struggling

Did you recognise that 92% of exercisers didn’t achieve the results they want? Realistically, are you among them?  I’m energetically writing, within the fitness industry, to change people’s lifestyles by making them aware them of skills and tools they already have to achieve excellence. Health and fitness easily transfers to your personal lifestyle as a whole and ensures success in […]

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Engage Your Core Ready For Fat Burning

If you look down at your to-do list you may find that most of the tasks in your day are highly sedentary (not good for your health). You may avoid walking or climbing the stairs at all costs. This means you are bypassing physical activity in your day. Not involving your whole body, so it’s […]

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Fast Football Fitness 5
Fast Football Fitness

Football is a physically challenging game that involves a great level of physical fitness. A high level of stamina to expend vast amounts of cardiovascular energy is required to be a successful football player. When you’re preparing for Football, the best thing to do is train your body to change pace to ever-changing situations. Football […]

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Volleyball: "can you SMASH it?" 6
Volleyball: “can you SMASH it?”

Players of volleyball regularly practise their fitness components to become a blazing all-rounder and be ready for a game. Players move quickly around the volleyball court to get to opponents’ serves and smashes in time. The ability to alter your direction in an instant when the ball direction is changing makes for successful plays. Players […]

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Mila Kunis: Fitness and Food

There’s are tons of actresses out there with the most phenomenal bodies, but how do they do it? Let’s take one example of a well-known actress, Mila Kunis, training regimen consists of 40 minutes of six movements done in circuits. The Workout Warm-up – 10 minutes • Jog on the spot • high knees • […]

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Lower Back Pain? How Exercise Can Help You

Exercise Relieves Back Pain You may feel like resting, but personal training is great for your back bone. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back muscles. They help support your spine, relieving back pain. People who do personal training will tell you that physically conditioned regular exercisers tend to have less back pain. Lack […]

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Lolo Jones: The Ultimate Female Athlete 7
Lolo Jones: The Ultimate Female Athlete

About Lolo Jones Lolo is an Olympic athlete, expertly overpowering barriers to success, both track and personal hurdles. Jones, a two-time world champion in the 60-meter hurdles. She has shared much of her professional and personal life in the media, including her search for a romantic relationship. Statistics Gender: Female Age: 36 years Graduated: Louisiana […]

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